Fit me matte & poreless foundation

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I am always on the hunt for a hidden gem drugstore beauty product that’s easy on the wallet. Recently, while enjoying dinner with a cthất bại friover, she highly recommended the Maybelline Fit Me Matte và Poreless Foundation. I gave sầu it a whirl & it has become my new favorite drugstore beauty hàng hóa of the summer.

With over 4,000 verified đánh giá and 4.5 stars on Amazon, I knew this was going to be a win before I even added it to lớn my cart!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation


Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

"I am 65 and it doesn't settle in wrinkles và it has great coverage," one reviewer wrote.

After doing my initial retìm kiếm, I learned there are two different formulas available. My personal favorite is the Matte & Poreless option, which is perfect for normal to oily skin (or combination, like me). The Matte formula blurs pore size và absorbs oils for that flawless matte finish that is usually very hard khổng lồ achieve. The second formula is called Dewy và Smooth, which hydrates and smoothes skin texture while giving you a beautiful glow that does not settle into fine lines & wrinkles. This formula is designed for normal to dry skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation

The Matte và Poreless formula is great for oily skin

If you have sầu oily or acne-prone skin (like me), it’s challenging lớn find the perfect medium-to-full-coverage foundation that doesn"t get greasy or shiny as the day goes on. On the other hvà, lots of matte foundations that I have sầu tried in the past reduce shine but make the skin look more like you caked it on excessively. This Matte và Poreless foundation was the perfect amount of coverage & the finish was the perfect amount of matte. It left my skin looking smooth và reduced the appearance of my pores.

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Casey DelBasso /

The coverage lasted an entire day without changing its look or consistency in the summer humidity. Recently I have sầu had a few breakouts (hello stress!) that I was also looking khổng lồ conceal, và the foundation applied right over the little imperfections without getting flaky or clumpy.

Dewy & Smooth is best for dry skin

The Dewy và Smooth formula is perfect for dry skin. For me, it was a little too hydrating compared to lớn what I am accustomed khổng lồ using. The consistency is very lightweight và it takes a few minutes khổng lồ dry down. Compared to lớn the matte formula, the coverage was sheer to lớn medium. During the summer heat and humidity, this formula had a difficult time maintaining its coverage on my skin, so I would definitely recommover applying a setting powder on top.

Finding your perfect shade is easy

One feature that makes Maybelline quality is the online foundation match finder, which is a short quiz that matches you with your correct shade before you order! Maybelline offers a wide variety và assortment of colors, in fact, considerably more than most drugstore brands. With 40 shades to lớn choose from in the Matte and Poreless formula và 24 shade options in the Dewey and Smooth, the line is very inclusive of all skin tones.

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Casey DelBasso /

My foundation quiz resulted in the classic ivory shade in the Dewy và Smooth formula và the soft svà shade in the Matte và Poreless formula, which I thought were spot on!

I don"t love sầu the packaging — but the formula makes it worth it

One small feature of this sản phẩm that could improve is its packaging. Because of the laông xã of a pump, it makes it easy lớn pour out too much of the sản phẩm — và you certainly want every drop of this winner! If you prefer a more portable format, Amazon now offers a squeeze pouch for the Fit Me formulas.

Casey DelBasso /

For my skin type, the Matte & Poreless is my new go-lớn. It controls my shine while also giving me a look & finish of a much pricier sản phẩm. The foundation is also dermatologist tested, allergy tested, và non-comedogenic. From having previously spent upwards of $50 on a foundation, this formula meets, if not beats, the department store competition while saving me a bundle!

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