Mask review: mediheal teatree care solution essential


Today I’ll be reviewing one of my holy grail masks: Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex.

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Jolse (


Yesstyle: $25.30AUD for 10pcs

Jolse (when I bought it): 15USD for 10pcs


- Soothes the oily & stimulated skin moistly with tea tree leaf oil, chamomile extract, & centella asiatica extract.

- Silky celluthua mask sheet adheres tightly lớn the skin và conveys the full effects of the essence mildly.

- The genuine MEDIHEAL mask sheet shows the MEDIHEAL logo when dried and ready to lớn be removed.


Adhere the mask, remove it after 10 ~ trăng tròn minutes, and pat gently to lớn absorb the essence.







“Top đôi mươi Worst Ingredients”:

Contains: NONE

For oily skin types:

Good ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Extract, Allantoin

Bad ingredients: NONE

For dry skin types:

Good ingredients: Glycerol, Glycine Max (Soybean) Seed Extract, Butylene Glycol, Panthenol

Bad ingredients: NONE

For sensitive skin types:

Good ingredients: Allantoin

Bad ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil



Skin type: Oily t-zone, overall normal skin type (dry during winter, sensitive during summer)


So the mask packet itself is glossy và green with White finishings. It’s the standard mask packet form size.



The colour of the mask itself is clear, or a sort of cloudy colour and then when you leave sầu it on your face, as it dries it goes Trắng which is really cool haha.

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The essence is a watery-gel type essence which is clear & not a milky colour. It stays this colour even when patted into the skin.


It smells of tea tree oil when it first comes out of the packet but it disappears after a few minutes. I really like the smell of tea tree oil because to me it’s got a herbal and nature kind of smell, veryyy relaxing for me.


I think one of the reasons why I love this mask is because it’s one that actually fits my face almost perfectly & considering my petite face, it fits really nicely.


I really adore the material of this mask, it’s so smooth & soft. The silky texture of the mask is extremely comfortable & adheres beautifully to the skin, without moving around or sliding down.


It absorbs really well into the skin & also absorbs relatively quickly. It one of the masks that I love mainly because it doesn’t leave sầu a tacky film & really sinks in and is eaten by the skin.

Gosh I use this whenever I feel a breakout coming & my face is saved. Honestly, I see such great results with this which is why I love it khổng lồ death. It soothes, hydrated and defends against acne, pimples và blemishes.

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Would I buy this hàng hóa again?

Already have. I buy these two lớn three boxes at a time, I really love these masks. There are so comfortable and relaxing khổng lồ put on at the kết thúc of a long, and tiring day. They also vì wonders for my skin, preventing and healing any breakouts, acne or pimples I have. Just a must have sầu và a holy grail product in my mask stash.

Who would I recommover this to?

EVERYBODY!! Well I personally feel lượt thích it’s suitable for all skin types so I would recommover khổng lồ practically everyone. People who struggle with finding soft, silky masks which can fit smaller faces,tHIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU. It also absorbs quickly & really sinks inkhổng lồ the skin. It’s effective sầu for acne prone and trouble skin types and provides refreshing hydration for oily skin types. It just such a great hàng hóa, I want everyone to try aHAHA!!

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