Oustanding build qualitySharp & bright screenHugely versatile all-in-oneVery accurate digital pen

Key Specifications

Review Price: £639.0012-inch, 2,160 x 1,440 screen; 800 grams; Intel chip core i processors; 64GB khổng lồ 512GB storage; Surface Pen

One caveat is the cheaper alternative, which is Microsoft’s own Surface 3. If you lượt thích the idea of the Pro but can’t justify the cost, the Surface 3 offers a similar design và features in a smaller, more portable design. It’s nothing like as fast, so it’s only suitable for basic computing, but it’s a great product.

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But if you are planning on the buying the Surface Pro 3, it might be worth waiting to lớn see if Microsoft updates it soon. Windows 10 is just around the corner and now would be the perfect time for Microsoft khổng lồ upgrade it. Whether you wait or not, though, the Pro 3 remains an outstanding hybrid that’s great for highly di động professionals.Version Tested: £849 hãng intel i5, 128GB with £109 Type Cover

What is the Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft calls it “the tablet that can replace your laptop”. That’s can, not will. If you need a laptop, you should probably still buy a laptop. If you want an iPad, you should go buy a damn ipad tablet Air. It’s not a straight replacement for either. It’s something more. Something different.

What it is a very talented hybrid. The most talented. It’s as adept at watching Netflix in bed as it is working on-site & on the move. It’s a complete PC, but it’s not a PC 100% of the time. It’s a graphics tablet & a digital notepad. It’s the tool you’ll never leave at trang chủ or at work, because it’s essential lớn both. Microsoft has taken three swings khổng lồ strike a proper hit, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one. Read on lớn find out why.

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Surface Pro 3: Design & Features

The basic Surface Pro concept remains the same. It still has a built-in kickstand, a keyboard cover (optional but essential) and a pressure sensitive stylus. But it’s also the first serious redesign of the Surface Pro since the original & Microsoft has made all the right moves. Previous Surface Pros felt simultaneously too small & too large. Too wide and too tall to work as a tablet; too small khổng lồ replace a laptop. A switch from the 10.6-inch, 16:9 aspect of previous models to a 3:2 aspect 12-inch screen solves this problem.

This underplays the difference, actually. It transforms the Surface Pro 3. It’s intimidating at first, but the 12-inch screen gives you ample room in which lớn work & it feels comfortable in any aspect. Và while videos have đen bars where once there were none, the screen is so large it’s still better for them too.

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It helps that Microsoft has worked hard khổng lồ keep the Surface Pro 3 thin & light. At 800g (before you địa chỉ the keyboard) it’s not light in tablet terms, but it’s lighter than any laptop in this class. It’s 107g less than the Surface Pro 2, too. Even with the keyboard attached it weighs just 1.08kg. That’s the same as the 11-inch apple macbook Air & 300g less than the 13-inch macbook Air.

What’s more impressive is it’s just 9.1mm thick. That’s thinner than the first, pre-iPad Air retina iPads và with proper PC components inside. That’s incredible. Indeed, everything about the industrial design and build quality of the Surface Pro 3 is staggering. From the textured metal rear khổng lồ the chiselled edges and discreet air vents, the Surface Pro 3 oozes quality.

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In fact, the only substantial criticism is the redesigned charger connection falls out too easily. It’s better than the old one, which had the same problem & left unsightly scratches, but it still needs a little work.


Surface Pro 3: Kickstand và ‘Lapability’

Nothing demonstrates the build unique better than the new kickstand. Where there was once just one position, then two, you can now set the Surface Pro 3 to lớn any angle between upright & a near flat one. This is remarkable enough in isolation, but the the smoothness và sturdiness of the hinge is astounding. Whomever was responsible for its thiết kế should receive a prize for awesomeness.

The result is it’s never a problem to find an angle that’s comfortable. Moreover, the extra flat angle is ideal for small tray tables as you can lay it flat and use the on-screen keyboard to type on. So large is it on this screen, it’s a decent makeshift typing experience.


This does belie the Surface Pro 3’s principle weakness, though: it doesn’t fit where laptops do. It’s near impossible lớn use the keyboard and kickstand in most commuter settings. There’s not enough space. Indeed, on planes there’s no where for the kickstand lớn stand as there’s a gap between tray table and the seat in front.

This is one reason why the Surface Pro 3 can’t replace a laptop for everyone. The other is it still feels awkward to use on your lap. Microsoft is so keen to persuade us otherwise it coined a phrase for the problem: lapability. The argument goes this is the most ‘lappable’ Surface Pro yet, but it’s an unconvincing argument. It sort of kind of works if you try, but deep down you know it doesn’t feel right.

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What it lacks for here it makes up for in versatility in other ways. Anyone who works on their feet all day will appreciate the large touchscreen và accurate stylus. The tablet format, meanwhile, brings the benefits of Windows 8.1 lớn the fore better than any other Windows device. Và when you’re done working on location or back from a meeting you can plug it straight into a monitor & carry on where you left off.

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It’s also worth stressing it’s a fine laptop replacement in any other setting. Phối it down on your desk & the large screen invites you lớn work, and the keyboard (more on which later) is excellent. The keyboard also has the neat trick of clipping magnetically lớn the front edge, creating a comfy ‘wedge’ angle for typing.

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