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Both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pre workout supplements are legends made by Pro Supps. Here, we dive sầu into all the details surrounding these two pre workouts.

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Prosupps makes not one, but two notable pre workout supplements: Dr. Jekyll và Mr. Hyde.

Unlike other brands that differentiate their pre workouts with slight variations, Prosupps created two completely different pre workouts.

Mr. Hyde NitroX is the stimulant powerhouseDr. Jekyll NitroX is the modestly caffeinated pump matrix.

Though when taken together, Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll create a storm of energy, pump and weight lifting carnage!

But before you dive in face first, let us explain to lớn you the differences between Jekyll & Hyde pre workouts, plus how they have sầu been recently reformulated with the new NitroX badge.

Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre Workout

Between the two of them, Mr. Hyde has always stolen the show. This is because Hyde packs a massive sầu stimulant punch, a punch that you’ll rethành viên.

This is the main focus for Prosupps Mr. Hyde – Ridiculous energy!

And that’s because of what’s inside the can.

Mr. Hyde NitroX contains:

Approximately 400 mg caffeine: Mr. Hyde combines 300 mg of straight caffeine anhydrous with 70 mg extended release caffeine malate và 50 mg fast-hitting caffeine citrate. This is an exceptionally strong dosage.Exactly 28 mg of co-stimulants: Hyde also contains 25 mg of the new stimulant theacrine plus 3 mg of Yohimbe. Together, these ingredients increase the thunderous heat that the Hyde furnace creates.Another 625 mg of mood enhancers: Mr. Hyde includes 500 mg of focus promoting choline with 50 mg of caffeine calming l-theanine, with a pinch of GABA & NAC lớn make the experience ‘extra’.A 4.5 gram strength-base just cause: While the stimulants truly emtoàn thân all that Mr. Hyde pre workout is, the formula also contains beta-alanine, l-citrulline, creatine HCL, & arginine silicate. Though, they aren’t the reason why you take this beast.

To further explain this pre workout, let’s cover the formula in detail, starting with how it compares to Hyde’s previous formulation.

Hyde NitroX New Formula Vs Old Formula

The Mr. Hyde formula recently changed, hence the whole ‘NitroX’ thing.

When comparing the labels, you will notice:

Creatine hydrochloride replaces the former creatine nitrate.Arginine silicate replaces the old Agmatine Sulfate.L-theanine, theacrine, và NAC have been added.Hordenine & a few extracts have been removed.

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But overall, the heart and spirit of Mr. Hyde remains unchanged in the new Mr. Hyde NitroX. Because like we said before, it’s all about that caffeine skull-punch.

Now let’s talk about Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll NitroX Pre Workout

In contrast khổng lồ Hyde, Dr. Jekyll contains a mere 100 mg of caffeine. In the world of pre workouts, that is an exceptionally low dose.

These ingredient include:

Glycerol monostearate 1.5 grams: glycerol is an effective sầu cellular volumizer that works independently lớn nitric oxide.L-citrulline aspartate 1.5 grams: Dr. Jekyll contains a triple dose of l-citrulline compared lớn the stimulant-focused Mr. Hyde.L-norvaline 100 mg: this ingredient preserves pump by slowing down the rate at which l-arginine is broken down. That means, more l-arginine for nitric oxide conversion.

So, what changes did Prosupps make when Dr. Jekyll became the new Dr. Jekyll NitroX?

Jekyll NitroX New Formula Vs Old Formula

Overall the formulas are quite similar lượt thích we saw with Mr. Hyde.

However Prosupps changed the following in Dr. Jekyll:

Creatine nitrate was replaced with creatine hydrochloride.25 mg of theacrine was added.GABA and Agmatine sulfate were removed.

It’s basically the same thing as before, just with a little more focus.

Comparing Prosupps: Dr. Jekyll Vs Mr. Hyde

The ultimate Prosupps comparison has got to be between pre workouts Mr. Hyde NitroX và Dr. Jekyll NitroX.

Though they both giới thiệu the similarities of:

2.5 grams beta-alanine25 mg theacrine1 gram creatine hydrochloride500 mg choline

But if you want insane energy plus the pumps of Dr. Jekyll…

Combining Pre Workouts Jekyll and Hyde

The biggest fascination that we’ve seen with Prosupps pre workouts, is what happens when you take both Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll at the same time, together.

When you combine these two pre workouts, you are getting:

Approximately 500 mg caffeine50 mg theacrine5 grams beta-alanine2 grams l-citrulline aspartate2 grams creatine hydrochloride

And that’s just the accumulation of shared ingredients.

While you may feel the need to ‘look cool to your bros’ for taking this double decker of Hyde and Jekyll, we strongly advise caution. Only the most stimulant-tolerant individuals will be able to pull this off, and that’s not necessarily a good thing!

Final Thoughts

We will forever appreciate what Prosupps did when they first made Mr. Hyde and Jekyll. Likewise we are happy khổng lồ see that they’ve maintained the integrity of both products, to meet the needs of returning customers’ expectations.

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If you’ve sầu enjoyed these two pre workouts over the last 5 years, then rest assured that the new formulas will still be a hit for you.

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