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Nuxe pháo is one of my favourite brands. They’re different from any other French Pharmacy skincare we have on-site. Why? They’re not clinical; they’re classy.

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With Nuxe cộ, you get the best of both worlds: efficacy & aesthetic. Unlike the other skincare brands you may associate with the pharmaceutical category, Nuxe believe in rare botanicals và plant-powered molecules for skin health – I like lớn Hotline it natural beauty at it’s best.

In this article, I’m going lớn give sầu you insight inlớn how Nuxe cộ uses honey, one of the ingredients of the moment in their cult-favourite Reve sầu de Miel (honey dream) range. If you love this indulgent ingredient as much as I do, Reve sầu de Miel is all that và more.

Three reasons why honey is the star ingredient of the Reve sầu de Miel range:

Honey bees are vital lớn our existence. They’re responsible for every ecosystem, as they help trees, flowers and plants to grow, which the whole of mankind rely on.Honey is a natural flavonoid antioxidant that helps to slow down ageing, while protecting the skin from all kinds of miễn phí radicals, like pollution and cigarette smoke.Honey is amazing at repairing, moisturising, và balancing bacteria to lớn keep the skin fresh và healthy.

Nuxe pháo is taking action khổng lồ help save the bees, as their existence is currently under threat. Nuxe pháo work with the charity ‘Un Toit pour les abeilles (A trang chủ for bees)’, by sponsoring beehives across France lớn help bee colonies grow. They’ve also sponsored the creation of six beehives inside the incredible floral meadow in the Louvre Museum, Paris!

To spread the ‘save the bees’ message outside of France, Nuxe cộ has just launched two new face & toàn thân balms that I know you’ll love. Plus, for those of you that use no other lip balm than the iconic Reve de Miel itself, the sought-after limited-edition lip balm is bachồng, but not for long! Let’s discover the best of Reve de Miel…

#1 The Product Everyone Talks About


Nuxe pháo Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm – Respect Nature Collector Edition

Our skin has a protective sầu hydrolipidic film lớn lock in moisture, but our lips don’t. Hence why when the cold weather strikes or dehydration takes its course, your lips are one of the first places khổng lồ feel the effects of depleting moisture. Nuxe created the Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm khổng lồ prsự kiện this happening whatever stage of dryness your lips are at. The star ingredient? Propolis oleoactive sầu, a 100% natural active that repairs và rehydrates with antioxidant benefits.

Why we love sầu it:

You heard it here first; Nuxe’s Reve de Miel Lip Balm is one of the best lip salves you’ll ever buy – even those with the driest of lips hail this as their ‘saviour’. If your lips are chapped, cracked or sore, the moisturising blend of honey, propolis and shea butter will instantly soothe và repair. We recently found out from a clinical trial that a staggering 95% of women found their lips to lớn feel immediately nourished after using it. And if that’s not enough, 100% of our beauty team repurchase this lip balm every time our French Pharmacy month comes around – it’s a cult favourite.

What our customers say:

★★★★★This works!Nancy1958

This was my second time of purchasing this lip balm which I wouldn’t be without now. It’s rich, non-greasy, moisturising, fantastic under lipstick. I can’t sing its praises highly enough. I have also bought it for both my daughters and they too are addicted.

Did you know? The beeswax inside this Reve de Miel Lip Balm is made by young bees, which they use lớn build their nests to store honey & pollen. When applied to lớn the lips, beeswax creates a film that protects sensitive lips.

#2 The Future Favourite


*New* Nuxe Reve sầu de Miel Melting Honey Body Oil Balm

Dry skin is often an indication of a lack of natural oils in the skin. Dry patches & flaky areas can stem from a medical condition, caused by harsh body washes, soaps, side effects of medicine or even winter weather-related. Luckily for us, Nuxe pháo has packed this balm full of essential fatty acids & moisturising botanical oils (such as borage và argan oils) to lớn instantly replenish weakened skin, plus it feels indulgent, và not clinical.

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Why we love it:

The Body Oil Balm offers luxurious hydration lớn even sensitive sầu skin types. 100% of women who tried this moisturiser reported all signs of irritation disappeared. When massaged inlớn the toàn thân, not only does the sweet-smelling scent of honey, mimosa và vanilla make you feel luxe pháo, but this nutrient-rich cream also repairs, nourishes & hydrates for 48 hours. The innovative sầu balm-to-oil texture is what makes this toàn thân balm extra special; skin glows và is more supple, instantly.

What our Copywriter says:

★★★★★It went straight in my basket!Keavy

As soon as I tried this body balm, I knew I had to have it, just because of the smell! I don’t have dry skin, but I loved its oily texture, và how dewy it made my skin look. Now I can’t wait lớn explore the range even more – I even just bought the toàn thân scrub khổng lồ match!

From formulation to lớn production, all Nuxe products are made in France và aren’t tested on animals.

#3 The Non-Greasy Emollient

*New* Nuxe cộ Reve de Miel Ultra Comforting Face Balm

Healthy, moisturised skin is the foundation for all good skin days. If your complexion is dehydrated, you’ll find your skin can feel tight or itchy after cleansing. Another side effect? Your makeup won’t last. It’s important to use a moisturiser daily, & Nuxe’s Reve sầu de Miel Face Balm makes a real difference khổng lồ dry patches. Its cushiony texture melts into lớn skin và absorbs within seconds; keeping you hydrated & plumped for up to 48 hours, thanks khổng lồ its high essential fatty acid nội dung.

Why we love sầu it:

Made to restore comfort & nourishment inlớn the complexion, this everyday Face Balm will become a staple step in anyone with dry skin’s beauty regime. It’s unlike any moisturiser you’ve sầu tried. The non-greasy formula contains over 300 active sầu antioxidant molecules that provide protective sầu và emollient benefits, without a heavy feel. In a clinical trial, 100% of women who tried the balm also said that 100% of sensitivity felt relieved after use!

What our Campaign Editor says:

★★★★★Best for rescuing parched skin!Chelsey

When I use retinol, I always slather on this face balm to keep my skin from stinging or drying out. As someone with combination skin that’s ever changing, I’ve found that when I use it as a night cream, it doesn’t make my oily areas feel heavy; my face feels bouncy.

This face balm also contains Propolis oleoactive. As propolis is produced by bees, Nuxe cộ use the oIeo-eco-extraction method of deriving the ingredient lớn be environmentally friendly.

#4 The Smooth Skin Essential

Nuxe pháo Reve sầu de Miel Deliciously Nourishing Body Scrub

If you have dry skin, it’s essential lớn exfoliate. After 28 days, your skin cells naturally shed, but sometimes they need a helping hand, & that’s where the Reve de Miel Body Scrub comes in. Removing dead skin not only reveals smoother, healthier results (while removing dry patches), it also improves cell renewal, sida circulation và doubles the nourishing benefits of your moisturisers. After all, you don’t want to lớn waste the moisturising ingredients of honey, argan and borage oil on dead skin cells – that’s not productive!

Why we love sầu it:

Nuxe’s Reve de Miel Body Scrub is more than an exfoliator; it’s a 3 trong 1 essential that removes dead skin, hydrates and protects your body toàn thân. Gentle grains of sugar crystals buff away at rough areas, while smaller rice grains tackle texture. If you’re looking for instant results, this body toàn thân scrub has your name written all over it. And if you’re after a more intense exfoliation we recommover using it on dry skin – your body will never have felt smoother!

What our Product Manager says:

★★★★★It’s my desert isl& product!Richard

I couldn’t be without this scrub; I love sầu how it makes my skin feel and smell. If I could, I would use it every day as it feels like a little bit of luxury after a long day at the office!

Find out how lớn get the best results from your body toàn thân scrub with Reve sầu de Miel.

#5 The Beauty Cabinet Must-Have


Nuxe pháo Reve sầu de Miel Repairing Super Balm

Why we love sầu it:

Super by name, super by nature; everyone needs a Super Balm. It’s packed with only the most precious botanical oils of 97% natural origin khổng lồ combat dryness – whether that’s on your face, body, hands or feet. The pocket-sized tin is always there when you need an instant dose of hydration; get yours before the cold weather has a chance to wreak havoc with your skin.

What our customers say:


This is one of the best multi-use products released by Nuxe for a while. Bought one tin và have now stocked up during French Pharmacy promotion. User-friendly packaging – easy to lớn throw in your bag. This balm has a lovely fragrance, (light, fresh, slightly honeyed but not cloying) a good texture, not waxy, easy to warm in your hands và apply wherever, and a little goes a long way. The ingredients list indeed shows that balm is mainly composed of natural oils & plant-based ingredients.

I use it in multiple ways. As a lip balm, cuticle & hand conditioner, on dry or rough areas anywhere, hair flyaways and ends, patted on as a change from facial oil, and extra protection on the face for winter cold. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways khổng lồ use it too. A welcome addition to lớn the Reve de Miel range & a great hàng hóa.