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This was another sample that I got when I purchased Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream samples.

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OHUI is another high kết thúc brand and it"s the first time I"m trying a hàng hóa from OHUI. This costs $120 for 45ml so I would think it is more expensive than HERA and around the same price range as Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo.Description (paraphrased from skin-brightening treatment features aurora-colored liquid crystal that simulates the shape of the skin cell.The crystal helps the innovative whitening ingredient penetrate deeply into the cells as soon as it touches the skin, restraining melanin và rejuvenating the cellsThis whitening serum promotes bright and radiant skin, nourishing the inner layers of the cells.My impression:Aurora-colored liquid crystal that simulates the shape of the skin cell..sounds too complex for me. This essence is clear và has the texture of a thicker toner that one uses khổng lồ put on the face (as opposed khổng lồ putting it on a pad and wiping it on the face). I would say its consistency is most similar to lớn Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Treatment. It is definitely less thick than HERA trắng Program Biogenic Effector, another whitening sản phẩm that I tried recently. This sample was probably enough for two uses but I was too generous in my first application và used it all up.Since it has the consistency of a thicker toner, it"s very light.

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I put a lot on but I could barely feel anything on my skin, no sticky skin và no clogged pores the next morning.This essence was also very impressive. I noticed that my face was whiter the next morning, though perhaps slightly (and I vì mean very slightly) less thanHERA white Program Biogenic Effector. But the difference is so small it could just be my own memory"s fault. In fact, I got such great results with these two whitening products back to lớn back that I thought I was just seeing things. But then when I tried my third whitening sample the next day, The Saem Chaga white Liposome Boosting Toner (my next review), which was totally NOT effective, I confirmed that OHUI"s whitening essence did make my skin whiter.This was another good find. I"ll consider buying samples of this but I don"t see myself buying the full sản phẩm because I just won"t be able lớn afford it. If I have to buy the full product then I rather buyHadalabo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Essencebut luckily I see samples for sale on eBay :3Summary:Toner-like consistency, very light-weightNo clogged poresImpressive overnight whitening effects$120 for 45ml on, $40 for 40 x 1ml samples (40ml) on eBayGrade:
4.5/5 because it had pretty impressive overnight whitening effectsValue:3.5/5 pretty expensive for the full version consideringHadalabo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Essencewas effective và cheaperRepurchase?I"ve ordered some more whitening samples so I"ll be trying them first before I decide!