Oxy spot treatment

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This one comes with a hefty price tag, but it"s well worth the money. The serum targets spots fast và leaves your face with an immediate glow.

Available at Shiseivì.

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Products labeled as brightening — or,whitening in some Asian countries — often get a bad rep. But they"re acne scars" worst enemies as they"re formulated lớn rid your visage of pesky marks. This treatment from GlamGlow isn"t necessarily something you can use every day, but you can whip it out weekly in addition lớn the other mainstays on this list. Available at Sephora.



One of the big issues with acne-soto treatments is that you have to vì some serious sleuthing lớn find the right products — very few brands mention "acne scars" on their labels. Most use ambiguous descriptions và names that hint at brightening, evening the skin tone, or addressing hyperpigmentation.One of the few exceptions is this straight-to-the-point tube from Clean và Clear. It uses a known acne-fighting ingredient — salicylic acid — lớn help treat pimples & lessen post-breakout marks. A two-for-one khuyễn mãi giảm giá, for the price of a coffee & a croissant from that fancy spot down the blochồng — you can"t beat that.

Available at Walmart.



Modeled after the most popular treatment in aesthetician-to-the-stars Kate Somerville"s Beverly Hills clinic, the original DermalQuench Liquid Lift has the bonus, unadvertised side effect of minimizing the duration và healing time of zits.The lakiểm tra iteration has the added benefit of retinol. While it"s touted as a wonder anti-wrinkle ingredient, it"s also less commonly noted for its hyperpigmentation-disappearing powers. The lightweight texture and quality delivery system also make it kind of fun lớn apply.

Available at Kate Somerville.

Bio Oil

This cult classic proudly boasts on its box that it can diminish scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, as well as signs of aging & dehydrated skin. Pretty lofty claims lớn live sầu up khổng lồ. While I can"t personally atthử nghiệm to the whole stretch-marks thing — which is what it"s best known for — I can tell you it"s one of the most effective sầu hyperpigmentation healers on the market. Ignore the "70s packaging, because cheesy as it may look this stuff is more effective than many products twice its price tag.Available atTarget.

By Terry

Okay, okay: This one is on the pricier end of the spectrum. However, it"s one of the few products that I think is worthy of its $100 price tag. Again, not the most obvious soto treatment — but "illuminating" and "skin-perfecting" are just fancy sale terms that mean it treats bumpy, blotchy, marked-up skin. I particularly like how soft it makes my skin feel, as well as the pleasant, subtle scent of rose — not at all overwhelming or perfume-y. I use it at night & wake up to what those marketers would Hotline glowy, dewy, perfected skin.

Available at SpaceNK.


Hydroquinone is effective at fading dark scars và other post-breakout marks. It"s a comtháng active sầu ingredient in skin-lightening formulas, including this gel from derm-created line Murad. A few things to know: Apply it to lớn just the affected area (or it could lighten the rest of your complexion, too) after washing your face & before applying your moisturizer. Also, most derms will warn you about "rebound pigmentation" when using hydroquinone, which means that if you use it for too long (more than six weeks is a comtháng estimate) it could start making the area darker instead of lighter. Stiông chồng khổng lồ a six-week run on each soto for the best results — & always wear SPF!

Available at Sephora.

Renée Rouleau

This fading gel from Renée Rouleau is another one of those "says what it does" treatments. It won"t work on existing zits, but it"s specifically formulated for post-breakout skin — which means you know exactly when & how to lớn use it. And when it comes khổng lồ a problem people in the industry don"t really address, a hàng hóa lượt thích this is a big relief for the millions of us who khuyến mãi with the issue on a day-to-day basis.

Available at Renée Rouleau.


This Kiehl"s dark-spot corrector is a super-light serum that helps khổng lồ both zap acne scars and even out your skin tone. It uses activated vitamin C, which has been proven khổng lồ combat discoloration effortlessly.

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Available at Kiehl"s.


I"ve written the beauty equivalent of a Jane Austen romance about this sheet mask. I can"t stop shouting its name from the rooftops, because it is that crazy-good.What makes it so special is that it provides instant relief. Slap on this sucker for đôi mươi minutes before bedtime, then remove sầu it. Let the serum sink in, then fish around in the packet for some extra serum and press that inlớn the skin for a double layer of goodness. Your marks will look much less prominent after you initially remove the mask, but I"ve sầu found that the next morning you"ll see an even more amazing skin transformation.If I"m feeling thrifty (read: always), I"ll save the leftover serum và use it the next evening & the subsequent few evenings, depending on how long it lasts. If you"re feeling REALLY crafty, you can also save sầu that excess serum to lớn make another mask by applying it khổng lồ the skin & then layering peeled-apart cotton pads on top — lượt thích so. Talk about getting your money"s worth.

Available at DermStore.


SkinCeuticals has a long, storied history of creating science-based formulas that kiông xã major ass at preventing, protecting, & repairing the skin. This lighter texture of a cult-favorite sản phẩm straddles all three of those categories by protecting against không tính tiền radicals, evening out the skin tone, firming your complexion, and diminishing both dullness và dark spots.Another interesting tidbit: According to lớn the brand, once it sinks in, you can"t wash or rub it off for at least 72 hours. It definitely falls into the super-duper long-wear category, that"s for sure.Two warnings for newbies — it stinks, & it can cause breakouts in some. The distinctive odor, caused by the potent set of Vi-Ta-Min C, ferulic acid, & phloretin, can be a bit much to handle — but trust me when I say it"s worth enduring. And you vì get used to it eventually, so there"s that.

Available at SkinCeuticals.


Medicated pads bring me baông chồng khổng lồ the days of standing in front of my mirror & furiously rubbing at my acne with an Oxy pad. Thank god I finally learned khổng lồ stop doing that. Noted dermatologist and acne slayer Dennis Gross, MD, has created a much more sophisticated, effective, and way less harsh sản phẩm that gives you the convenience of pre-soaked pads without all the burning pain.Salicylic acid is again the star ingredient here, and it"s used to clear pores, soothe new breakouts, flatten blemishes (key in helping youconceal them more effectively), prsự kiện new ones from cropping up, và fade those pesky dark marks. It gets pimples at every stage of their life span — which with this product is mercifully quicker than that of your average breakout. Important khổng lồ note: It can cause some stinging, so start off using it once a week và see how you feel.

Available at Sephora.


Products with vitamin C almost always trumpet their brightening abilities. And yes, the ingredient is great at making dull skin look more vibrant. The unadvertised perk is that, in the right sản phẩm formulation, it can also work gangbusters on erasing redness.PTR"s overnight mask uses camu camu berry, which the brand claims has 30 times the Vi-Ta-Min C of an orange. I don"t know about that (must have sầu forgotten my vitamin-cấp độ detector at home), but I bởi know I have never used a Vi-Ta-Min C sản phẩm this effective at treating acne scars.One night of wearing this, và a severe cheek breakout (screw you, hormones) was significantly less noticeable the next morning. I used it five nights in a row và kept seeing even better results.It plateaued after that, so I"ve been switching it up with the By Terry serum for a twice-weekly treatment. My skin future has never looked brighter.Available at Sephora.


Another power pigment eradicator is glycolic acid. Less sticky và irritating on sensitive skin than salicylic, glycolic purges pores of blackheads, exfoliates the dead skin that can lead lớn clogged pores in the first place, và lightens existing pigmentation. Available at Sephora.


Clinique markets this dark-spot corrector as "even better," and we"re inclined to lớn agree. Although its main purpose is to lớn treat sun damage và age spots, in clinical trials it also showed a significant improvement of acne scars. Use it twice a day (be sure to lớn wear sunscreen!), & you can expect lớn see results after four khổng lồ 12 weeks.Available at Macy"s.

Shani Darden Skin Care

As you know from our constant musings on the subject, retinol has long been praised for its ability lớn both keep skin clear và gradually even skin tone. (Plus, a whole lot more.) There are countless options khổng lồ try, but we have a fondness for Hollywood aesthetician Shani Darden"s formula. It doesn"t dry out skin, even though it"s packed with 5% retinol & 5% lactic acid. Available at Shani Darden Skin Care.


Or, for a drugstore serum with a hit of retinol, we like this formula from Neutrogena. It has the powerful ingredient, plus hyaluronic acid lớn help keep skin hydrated.

Available at Neutrogena.

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