Paula's choice skin perfecting 2% bha liquid exfoliant review

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Ingredients: Gentle but powerful BHA

Though the results are why this hàng hóa is often called a “cult-favorite,” as the brand’s site states, the ingredients are why it works for so many people with so many different skin types (just look at the reviews if you’re skeptical). While the product contains a handful of different ingredients as listed above, the main, most powerful one is its two percent BHA.

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is also known as something you are probably a little more familiar with: salicylic acid. As the name states, this exfoliant contains two percent of BHA—an amount that is powerful enough lớn exfoliate away dead skin cells, while still being gentle enough lớn remain on your skin overnight (or during the day, too, if you want to lớn supercharge the product’s power).

“Beta hydroxy acids dissolve sầu the glue that holds cells together in the skin, leading to lớn a gentle exfoliation,” Dr. Maggie Kober, a dermatologist with Apostrophe (a skincare service that connects people khổng lồ board-certified dermatologists online) explains. “BHAs are lipid oil soluble, meaning they absorb best in patients with oily và acne-prone skin. The amount of miễn phí acid in the bottle is actually what effects change, & this is dependent upon an ideal pH between 3-4. This hàng hóa lists its pH between 3.2-3.8. Especially if you have sầu acne-prone skin, it can be an excellent addition khổng lồ the regimen prescribed by your dermatologist."

The Feel: Like an oily toner

When you put the sản phẩm on your face (via cốt tông pad, as the brvà suggests), the first thing you will probably notice is that it has an oddly oily texture. If a face oil và a toner had a baby, it would probably feel lượt thích this. It also can sometimes feel a little astringent, but it rarely stings unless I have sầu a recently popped pimple somewhere on my face—even then, it’s only mildly uncomfortable for a second or two. I usually let the hàng hóa sink in for a few minutes and follow up with a thick moisturizer, at which point I no longer notice any greasiness.

The Scent: A faint alcohol scent

I’ve sầu never actually noticed any particular scent when using this hàng hóa, but when bringing the bottle khổng lồ my nose all I noticed was a faint rubbing alcohol-y scent. Nothing pleasant, but also nothing unnatural or unexpected, either (Paula’s Choice products are fragrance-free).

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The Results: Smooth, even, healthier-than-ever skin

I trust fully in my daily skincare routine now, but I also know that if I depart from it for a few days, my skin will most likely be OK. If I stop using this sản phẩm for a few days, I immediately notice. Moisturizers & oils don’t seem khổng lồ absorb as well, my natural redness is baông xã, & honestly? I miss it. My skin truly craves this sản phẩm. I recommend it to lớn everyone I know. My only note? If I use it twice a day (as opposed lớn only a night), my skin does become just a tad irritated. However, using it once a day instead of twice just means it lasts longer, so... this isn’t exactly a complaint.

The Value: 100 percent worth it

If you’re going to spkết thúc $30 on anything per month (or every two months, which is about how long one bottle lasts me), let it be this. And like I mentioned above sầu, if you only use it once a day (which is all you really need, honestly), you’ll still see results quickly & it will last twice as long.

Similar Products:

Glossier’s The Solution: There are other liquid exfoliators out there, lượt thích Glossier’s Solution, but they often (also lượt thích Solution) contain other acids in addition lớn BHA. If you want khổng lồ start with something more intense, this one might be for you. Otherwise (& especially if you’re new to liquid exfoliants), I’d stichồng to lớn the Paula’s Choice option.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate: This is another extremely popular liquid exfoliator (it also comes in a spray bottle, which is kind of handy), but is also extremely pricy & nearly double the price of both the Glossier & Paula’s Choice options. This also notably doesn’t contain BHA, but instead a blend of 10 percent worth of other acids (glycolic, malic, và lactic).

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Our Verdict: This is a perfect first-timer liquid exfoliant

As someone with skin that can turn bright red with even a drop of the wrong hàng hóa, I was almost sure this liquid exfoliant would destroy my skin. Instead, it led lớn my best skin ever & has become one of my most beloved products. And at such a reasonable price, it’s worth trying it out even if you’re just a little curious.

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