Phần mềm avg có tốt không

UPDATE: When Google and Mozilla removed AVG’s website extension from their stores, a scandal broke out which revealed that Avast (who also owns AVG) had allegedly been spying on their users’ browsing data và selling it khổng lồ corporations for millions of dollars in profit. In light of these unethical practices, we can no longer recommend them on our site. You can read more about the controversy và our decision here. For a đánh giá of antivirus companies we vì chưng recommkết thúc, please see this danh mục of the 10 best antiviruses of 2021.

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While you’ve sầu probably heard of AVG & its strong reputation for security and performance, did you know that it offers a choice of three products that not only providesecurity và privacybut also tools to help your PC run better?

AVG is also one of the more affordable options in the market, meaning you get a lot of great protection for multiple devices for a single great price. But I just don’t think it beats out other top premium performers like Norton and McAfee.


The first thing that impressed me about AVG is that the company is always at the top of the danh mục when major labs kiểm tra antivi khuẩn products. These lab tests have found that AVG stopped every single attachồng it detected, & even 99% of attacks it did not know about previously, also known as zero-day attacks. This is important because a lot of times your computer is attacked not by well-known viruses, but by new tactics antiviruses don’t know about. The company also got perfect scores from Virus Bulletin and is a proud member of the company’s VB100 menu. AVG ranks as highly as Avast and is even higher than big names like McAfee, Kaspersky, & BitDefender.

Antivi khuẩn Scanner Is Always on in the Background

AVG’s first line of defense against hacks và malware attacks is its powerful antivi khuẩn, which protects you against a variety of comtháng exploits. The AVG antivi khuẩn scanner is always on và keeps trachồng of any changes you make khổng lồ files and folders, guaranteeing that nothing happens without you knowing.


More importantly, it can make your scans faster after the first time with Turbo Scans, which ignore folders and files AVG has already checked & remain unchanged. If AVG antivirut does detect a problem, it sends it lớn a special ThreatLab team lớn check it out & let the rest of the AVG network know.

Enhanced Firewall Offers Protection from Ransomware

More important, though, is that AVG is more than just an antivirus. The company also provides its Enhanced Firewall, which keeps any suspicious activity and traffic from reaching your computer or device.

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More importantly, AVG protects you from ransomware, a tactic that is becoming more popular every day và is very dangerous. Ransomware protection includes regular scans và a special folder that is encrypted, where you can store all your most sensitive sầu files, photos, and more to lớn make sure no one can steal them. You can even choose which programs can change these files at all.

Payment Protection Watches Your Thư điện tử for Scams

One last feature that impressed me is AVG’s Payments Protection. The company’s products monitor your gmail for possible spam and scams that are a cover for fraud. If AVG detects the website, you’re visiting & shopping on is suspicious, it will instantly notify you và help you avoid losing your personal information & password.

Ease of use

I was a bit confused when I first opened AVG, but I quickly found my way with AVG’s easy-to-use interface. The program’s main screen has five sầu large cards that tell you how well protected each area of your PC is (“Computer,” “Web và E-Mail,” and more). These aren’t buttons, but they simply indicate the status of each component. When a scan of a specific sector finishes, it updates these cards. You can start a scan by simply pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. You can also customize your scans by choosing how often they happen, how thorough they are, và you can also automate them. It would be nice if you could access each category directly from the large cards on the main screen, but overall, I found that installing và using AVG was a breeze.


You can access one of AVG’s two levels of support: basic và premium. The company’s basic service gives you access to the company’s knowledge base, which includes answers lớn comtháng problems và questions other users have asked before. It also features a great community forums that lets you directly interact with other users khổng lồ find answers and nói qua notes on existing problems. If you’re a Premium user, you also gain access khổng lồ the company’s toll-không lấy phí premium tư vấn line around the cloông chồng, as well as a useful live chat. The tư vấn staff was well-trained & great at answering my questions, but I vì chưng wish basic users had some access to the same level of assistance. Even so, I was able to lớn find answers to lớn most of my questions, và all the tư vấn agents I spoke to lớn were great at helping me solve sầu my problems. Both free & premium users can also contact the company directly via an gmail ticket khung on AVG’s trang web. These responses take a few days but usually include information that is helpful for resolving any outstanding issues.

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Another thing I really liked about AVG is how fair their pricing is. The company’s Internet Security và Ultimate plans let you protect as many devices as you want, which gives you excellent savings. Additionally, if you are only interested in AVG’s antivirus security, you can choose the không tính tiền antivirus option, which is likely your best choice even though it only protects one device. If you also browse the website frequently and would lượt thích more protection, the Internet Security option may be a great deal, since it offers excellent tools to secure your online activities. If you’re considering the Ultimate plan, you’ll be paying slightly more for the optimization tools AVG offers, as well as access khổng lồ the premium tư vấn line và live sầu chat. Otherwise, Internet Security likely represents the best value for most consumers.

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