3Ce Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color, 115 Reviews 2021



Brand : 3CE, StylenandaType : Lipstiông chồng Kit consisting of 5 mini lipsticksOfficial website : StylenandaPrice : USD 51

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So there are two kinds of 3CE Mood Recipe Lip Màu sắc Mini Kit, the first one on the left is more of the nude/pale/brown colors, while the second kit is more of the combination of brownish và pinkish/brown color. They cost the same price.



Above picture shows the swatches from the official trang web and on my own arm (bottom picture as well). I used several streaks without having to lớn repeat them after I deemed the colors shown are already fine enough.

Swatches of 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2. Whenever I took pictures of this kit, I lined them up in accordance with their shades. I think #218 should not start first as it is pinkish color, while #219 và #2đôi mươi are matte nude brownish colors, so the pinks go with pinks, mkay. Lipsticks of the same color ranges flochồng together, as they say.


3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2