Nature republic aloe vera 92% soothing gel


We have sầu recently talked about sunscreen & how important that is. Today we are going to talk about a sản phẩm known by everyone, that is suitable as an after-sun sản phẩm as well: our loved Aloe Vera Gel from Nature Republic.

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Why you should use an Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has many benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory, soothing product that protects the skin from external factors & maintains the skin level of hydration. Aloe is really a multi-purpose hàng hóa you can use from head khổng lồ toe, but it still needs some precautions in use. Contrary to popular belief, aloe is not moisturising, especially when in high concentrations (as in our case). On the contrary, it is an excellent hàng hóa both for those with oily skin và for those who sweat a lot, because it drains and temporarily reduce the sebum production... so, just perfect for summer! Our Nature Republic Aloe Gel is composed of 92% Aloe vera và for 8% of humectant ingredients, so that you can easily apply it on your skin without an annoying dry effect.



Another myth lớn dispel is that aloe gel works as a good foundation for your ảo diệu. Since it drains the skin out and creates a barrier, it does not allow the make up – mostly made by silicone - lớn adhere to lớn your skin. The situation might change whether we talk about powders, or completely bio và mineral make-up. These products are the most suitable along with the use of aloe.

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We usually focus on the use of Aloe vera all over the skin, but it must be known that Aloe vera can really be used everywhere! Did you know that massaging a little aloe on the nails helps to lớn soften the cuticles? Try it out!



 As we have sầu already said, Nature Republic Aloe Vera - with 92% of aloe in its formulation - does not drain your complexion too much & it is therefore suitable for all skin types, even the dry ones - if you vì not exaggerate with the quantity to be applied. The light & jelly consistency allows an easy absorption, without leaving any residual sản phẩm or a sticky skin. After having it smeared on you will not have sầu khổng lồ vày anything, just wait.

Aloe vera tips

We mentioned a few aloe uses in our article about how to lớn fight the heat ... well, in this period of heat these remain our favourite tips và tricks! Apply it in those areas where you sweat a lot, khổng lồ help control the problem. But mostly, when used as a soothing sản phẩm, Aloe is really unbeatable! In case of sun rashes, irritations and itching, as well as for insect bites, a veil of aloe gel helps khổng lồ reduce itching and redness. When your skin is red after a beach day, Aloe refreshes & relieves the discomfort, bringing the skin slowly & gently back to lớn its healthy state.

Our favourite recipe provides a very simple paông xã. You just need to soak two cotton pads & apply them on your cheeks or on your eyes - areas that most suffer from sudden heat changes - for an instant relief.

How vì you girls use Aloe vera? Are there any other recipes that you would lượt thích to cốt truyện with us?