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So I’m a bit late on the whole BB cream craze – simply because I found Vichy’s BB cream and fell so in love with it that I didn’t need to tìm kiếm any longer… but now that my beloved Vichy BB cream has run out I decided khổng lồ try out another one.

The body toàn thân Shop’s All-in-one BB cream does come with pretty high standards. Not only am I comparing it to a hàng hóa that I consider a holy grail – but it also has a big red sticker saying it won for hàng hóa of the year in 2015. Let’s see how this stacks up, shall we?

The body Shop All-in-One BB Cream retails for $22.00 CAD 

A price that’s not over the đứng top compared khổng lồ the Vichy BB cream… especially considering the amount of product is similar in both tubes. However, compared to lớn other drugstore BB creams it does have a higher price point.

Far left – rubbed BB cream into my hand with my fingers. Middle – patted the BB cream onto my hand with a brush. Bottom/ Right – trắng cream which has not been spread

Magically, this white cream turns into yellow when you rub it onto your hand with your fingertips. Therefore it is recommended to lớn use a brush when applying this product. I was amazed at the colour change that came from this – & must admit that the skintone adapting “technology” is pretty nifty.

Sadly – I vị not lượt thích this product & here are the reasons why:

It looks greasy – although it provides “moisture” as the description on the toàn thân Shop website says… it also looks very oily on your skin. If you don’t mix it with a translucent powder you look sweaty.It does not blur pores – In fact, I found that this hàng hóa actually emphasized my already huge pores.

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It doesn’t even your skin out very well – If you’re lượt thích me & have a very pink skintone this seems to vì nothing lớn help it. Sure, the colour adapting technology in it can match your skin… but that literally just leaves it looking greasy và not evened at all.The ingredients are not all that good. Most BB/CC creams are not all natural – that’s a sad truth about anything that seems lớn have “magic powers” but this contains a laundry-list of ingredients that are oil-based as well as a bunch of man-made chemicals. Although I do like most of the body toàn thân Shop products, this particular one did not win me over.

With all of the above being said I think that this sản phẩm would bode very well on skin types which are on the dry-side. I’m going to hold onto this until the winter lớn see if that would make any difference for the “greasy” feeling. This is something I’d wear on a day that I need to lớn go grocery shopping but definitely not lớn work – the coverage is very minimal.

Have you tried The body Shop’s All-in-one BB cream?


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