An Honest Review Of Victoria’s Secret Perfumes, In Honor Of The Show


Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist Review: Hey guys, today let us talk about some fragrances. This amazing mix of Peony & Strawberry makes you feel nothing less than a Diva. Victoria’s Secret come up with breath taking fragrances through out the year. In 2016 one such fragrance was launched by the name Electric. I had to lớn buy it because “Packaging”. Lets read on to lớn know how it smells.

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About Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist

Go bold with an energizing limited-edition scent featuring notes of peony & blush strawberry.

Fragrance type: FloralNotes:Peony & blush strawberryLimited edition250 ml/8.4 fl. oz

Electric by Victoria`s Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Electric was launched in 2016. The fragrance features peony và strawberry.


How lớn Use Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist

There are no usage instructions given on the trang web or on the sản phẩm itself. Hence, use it just lượt thích you would use any other fragrance mist.

Ingredients in Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist


Price of Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist

$ 18.00 in USA C$ 20.00 in Canadomain authority £ 12.00 in UK và Scotland € 12.90 in Europe, France và Germany A$ 14.99 in Australia AED 31.50 in UAE, Dubai S$ 25.00 in Singapore RM 80.00 in Malaysia ₱ 800.00 in Philippines


In Detail Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist Reviews and My Experience


It comes in a standard VS mist packaging which is a transparent cylindrical bottle with luxurious blaông chồng và gold cap. As it is a fragrance mist it comes with a spray nozzle. Màu sắc of the hàng hóa is Electric Blue, inspired by its name. The bottle is printed with golden leopard inspired patches which gives you a fierce yet bold feeling. It comes in a 250ml packaging which last for about 2-3 months If used regularly.

My Experience

By this time you all must be knowing that I am a huge Victorias Secret fan, I picked this mist in December last year when it was re-launched during Holidays. I ordered this from their official trang web & it took about 15-đôi mươi days for the lớn arrive sầu, not to forget I pay customs whenever my Victorias Secret package arrives.

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The moment I smelled this one I fell head over heals. I just loved the fragrance. Victorias Secret never disappoints you with its packaging. I always cửa hàng risk không tính phí from VS because i never disliked any sản phẩm.

Its fruity yet floral scent will make you feel so feminine yet quirky all day long. It stays for good 5-6 hours when applied over your favourite moisturiser.

Whenever I am wearing this fragrance I get a lot of compliments. Essentially it should be worn for night parties or similar events but i wear it even in office & day outs & It never disappoints.

I would definitely recommover buying this lớn all perfume lovers.

Tip: VS is running offers on all their mists all year round, So you buy more và save more.

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Pros of Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist

Smells amazingGood quantityAffordable if bought from USLuxurious packagingWide variety

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Electric Fragrance Mist



MBF Advises

1. Try khổng lồ use fragrance mists on moisturised areas for a longer lasting effect. 2. Always store these away from direct sunlight. 3. Victoria’s Secret trang web always has amazing discounts to lớn offer throughout the year. Hence, if you keep an eye, you can get great discounts on your favourite products.