Hey guys! I"m returning with another post about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets - not a new product, & I have blogged about this before, but these are still pretty much my fav drugstore liquid lipsticks/lipcreams. I like this product so much that I have bought seven different shades in total (one of em got lost though, damnit), and since I couldn"t find many swatches online I figured I might as well upload my own in case some other beauty lover is contemplating buying one of these. Enjoy!

So these are the Velvets I acquired over the years. From left lớn right: Beau Brun, Nude-ist, Olé Flamingo, Plum Plum Girl, Grand Cru và Poppy days. I love the range in shades here, all of these are very flattering và there"s a nice variety between neutrals, deep shades và bright pops of colour. Lipswatches!

The thing I love most about the Bourjois Rouge Editio Velvets is that they build up lớn this richly pigmented, saturated tone in about two coats, feel super soft và comfortable on the lips even as they slowly start to lớn set into their dried down, matte finish, & how they are quite smudge/transfer resistant after they have set. Also, reapplication is easy peasy. Only issue I have is that the darker shades can be a bit patchy, so you should definitely scrub your lips và build them up carefully, but the colour you get in the kết thúc is so worth it.

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I already swatched Nude-ist in my first post on the Rouge Edition Velvets, but it"s nice khổng lồ see how the colour looks on me now I"m a bit more tan. Much more of a nude, less clearly pink! This one is such a great everyday colour. It does take slightly longer to lớn set than the others.

Beau Brun is more vibrant than it seems in the tube, more lượt thích a bright brick/coral type shade than a nude brown. I probably wear this one the least of all shades, but it"s still a lovely colour.
Olé Flamingo is my most recent buy và I completely adore it. Bright, shocking pink with that matte finish, so very cute! Perfect for summer.

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Poppy days is this perfect warm toned red/orange, also incredibly bright và it just brightens up your complexion when you wear it. Probably my favourite out of the whole bunch!
Plum Plum Girl is a stunning plummy/berry/wine stain shade that is quite sultry & deep, but still very wearable. On the daytime side of goth inspired beauty.
Finally, Grand Cru. This colour would be my hands down fav out of the entire range if only Grand Cru didn"t have some consistency issues that make it the most high maintenance out of the colours. You have khổng lồ build this one up khổng lồ get opaque coverage, và it tends to grab dry patches on the lips, but the colour you get is SO worth it. I have yet to lớn find another lip product that gives the same bright ruby red matte finish, và I have searched high và low. You see me wearing it here as well, when it has mix down completely and it is absolutely my holy grail red lipstick. So if anyone has any recommendations on a perfectly matte, bright but deep red colour with a cool base, please holler!
These are sold at your local drugstore for about €14. Do kiểm tra these out of you love that matte look but don"t want to lớn spend a lot of cash or have your lips feel dried out. Skip if you don"t like having to build up colour or a longer set-time.
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