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Hi, lovelies, how are you doing today? Have you read my City Màu sắc Cosmetics Haul blog post? I mentioned that I want lớn write a proper Review for each makeup product from the haul. That"s why today we are going khổng lồ start our City Color Cosmetics Review journey. And the first sản phẩm I want lớn talk about is going lớn be City Màu sắc Be Matte Lipstiông xã in a gorgeous shade called "Claudia". I believe sầu City Color named this shade after the vampire child Claudia - a fictional character in Anne Rice"s The Vampire Chronicles.

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"Claudia" is very beautiful cinnatháng chocolate shade of dark brown. This grungy color somehow reminds me of the "90s, when matte brown lipstiông chồng was a major makeup trend. At first I was afraid that this color will make my skin appears yellow or orange, because I already have some ginger freckles và pigmentation on my face. But, thankfully, this shade of brown looks very natural on the skin and brightens up my skin. In my opinion, this color will look flattering on every complexion!
Formula of City Màu sắc Matte Lipstick is rich with dark brown pigment, that doesn"t "bleed" of the lips & doesn"t stain them. The color pay off is very deep & intense, it applies pretty easy on the lips, though it is hard to lớn blover. I love the incredibly beautiful finish, it is absolutely matte with a slightly velvety texture. Another thing I appreciate about the formula is a long-lasting và non-fading color, that can stay on my lips for a good five sầu or six color. Have I mentioned about the amazing scent of Be Matte lipstick? It smells like a truffle chocolate: sweet, yummy & very delicate.

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The biggest downside of most matte lipstick is their drying formula, that feels super-heavy on the lips. Be Matte lipstiông xã feels really comfortable and lightweight on the lips. I still recommend lớn prepare your lips before the application - exfoliate và moisturize them with a lip balm. But, if you don"t suffer from chapped lips, you can skip lip balm. Dark lip look demands perfect lip contouring, so using a sharpened lip pencil of the same shade is required. For extra neat lines, clean the edges of the lips with concealer or foundation.

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I"m absolutely in love sầu with this lipstick! It has everything we search in a good matte lipstick - excellent pigmentation, long-lasting formula, & very affordable price. I totally recommover "Claudia" khổng lồ everyone who loves rocking dark lip makeup và tired of red lipstiông chồng. Chocolate brown lip color is a trendy alternative lớn classic red lips.
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