City color cosmetics be matte liquid lipsticks review

I never bought anything from this br& before. I bởi love watching Youtube videos especially the beauty vloggers one but they never mentioned this brvà. All I know is this brand is a drugstore brand, similar to lớn Revlon, Maybelline, or even NYX.
I found this hàng hóa on my local mall’s bazaar. They sell lots of hóa trang from various brands such as Milani, L.A. Girls, ELF, NARS, Urban Decay, etc but of course with higher price from the online store so I decided lớn grab something (yes, I need, I HAVE TO buy something) inexpensive sầu. I wanted khổng lồ get Matte Gloss from L.A Girls in shade Dreamy but of course they run out of it