Watch italy legend daniele de rossi slide on beer


ITALY legend Daniele De Rosmê mệt celebrated England's Euro 2020 final dream sliding away - by doing the same on a beer-soaked table.

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Azzurri players chanted amid wild rejoicing as assistant coach De Rostê mê took a spectacular head-first plunge in their Wembley dressing room.


Daniele De Rosmê say can't be accused of going down too easily as he soared across the table before finally tumbling offCredit: Getty

Almost there - as Azzurri legend Daniele De Rosmê mệt reaches the over of the table after an epic slide in the Wembley dressing roomsCredit: Getty

Daniele De Rostê mê bigs himself up for an unusual way to rejoice after Italy sunk Engl& in a shootoutCredit: Getty

And shootout nhân vật keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma showed that if De Rossi mê was an alco-troll then he could rub it in even more for the Three Lions as he led a raucous chorus of "It's coming Rome!"

Donnarumma, who is phối khổng lồ join Paris Saint-Germain on a miễn phí transfer this summer, even posted that adapted version of England's favourite footie anthem on his Instagram story

Three Lions subs Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka missed penalties as Italy won the shootout 3-2 after a đối kháng draw in front of 60,000 at Wembley.

And De Rosmê man flew across the table lớn complete a flight of fantasy for Italy - after they failed to lớn qualify for the last World Cup.

The 117-cap former Roma defensive midfielder, 37, didn't look in as good a shape as the veteran Azzurri defenders who had helped shut out Kane, Sterling & Co.


Gianluigi Donnarumma taunts Engl& - by posting an adapted version of the 'It's coming hom' anthem onm his Instagram story

But he glided across the table as fast as any player moved on the pitch, before tumbling off at the over.

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And that was a little lượt thích the Three Lions in their first final since winning the 1966 World Cup.

Engl& zipped around early on, boosted by Luke Shaw thumping the quickest ever goal in a Euros final inside the first two minutes.



But they lost steam in the second half as Leonarvì Bonucci bundled a deserved 67th minute equaliser.

Gareth Southgate's men briefly regained their buoyancy in extra time, only for their hopes khổng lồ belly-flop in familiar fashion when it came khổng lồ penalties.

But Sanđến và Saka are still barely out of water wings as internationals.

So the Three Lions should still be confident of making a splash over the next few years.

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