I am ghean — eglips blur powder pact review


- Multi-function ; anti- wrinkle, decreases the appearance of enlarged pores and unevenness.

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- Ultra fine & light powder without heaviness.

Capacity: 9 g

Price: 410 Php/ 8.71 USD/ 9,715 KRW (shipped from Korea)

Read on khổng lồ know more ^^



The powder is very very compact và could easily fit inlớn a bag pocket. The container has a textured finish which gives it a sophisticated look. The overall look of the powder pact is very minimacác mục, clean và straightforward.

From my point of view, the small size of the compact is both a pro và a nhỏ of the hàng hóa. Since it is small, it would be easy lớn fit into lớn a makeup pouch or a bag pocket và would not occupy much space, allowing us lớn fit in more makeup products inlớn the bag while traveling. However, a smaller compact also meant that you would get a smaller mirror & powder puff and it’s never an enjoyable experience to apply powder with a small mirror & a tiny puff. Given that fact, I only use this when I’m traveling or when I go out as I really hate having khổng lồ waste time applying my powder little by little at a time.

The box doesn’t have any English descriptions of the sản phẩm. It’s all in Korean. Those who cannot understvà Korean and would like lớn know about the hàng hóa the are getting, this be a little unappealing. But I won’t hate a hàng hóa because of that.

I like the fact that they provided a little plastic thingy that separates that puff from the powder. It sits nicely inside the compact & prevents a used puff from contaminating the product. You see, oil from the face is transferred inlớn the puff when you put powder on and if the puff is in full tương tác with the product when it’s not in use, it allows bacteria lớn build in the sản phẩm & in the puff. That will result in breakouts & other skin problems. So, good job Eglips!

Ah~ the puff. The puff is really good! (Ah! please be reminded that I have khổng lồ photograph the puff used since my camera can’t really capture Trắng that well)


I mentioned earlier that I hate that the puff is tiny but overall, I really really lượt thích it! It is finest powder puff I’ve sầu ever seen và used! I can’t describe it well but its really really heavenly!

Score: 3.5/5


I think 9 grams from 410 pesos is a good giảm giá khuyến mãi ^^ This might be a good hàng hóa for those of you who are in a lookout for low cost Korean powders.

Score: 5/5


For color reference, this is the swatch in my arm. I used the provided puff và didn’t blkết thúc it in.


I have the powder in #21 và it matches my skin. They also have sầu this in #23 for those of you who have darker skintones & #13 for those of you who may be paler than me.

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Score: 5/5

Texture and Feel:

I have sầu no issue with the texture and feel of the powder. True lớn its claims, the powder is finely milled ans isn’t chalky. It isn’t heavy at all. My skin didn’t have any allergic reactions khổng lồ the hàng hóa và that’s good.

Score: 5/5


Whoa… It’s the first time I’ve encountered something lượt thích this. This powder doesn’t have sầu a scent at all O.O I have a really great sense of smell so I usually could detect even just the tiniest bit of scent in a product but there’s really no scent in here. This might be good news for those of you who are allergic to lớn scents and fragrance.

Effectivity/ Lasting Power:

I’d like khổng lồ put a little disclaimer on this portion before I start. I just would lượt thích to lớn put this out there & tell all of you that. I really really don’t lượt thích using colored powder personally since I put on quite a few layers of base products in my skin already and in my opinion, colored powder does highlight the texture of the skin (pores, wrinkles and other stuff). I also have sầu very dry skin so I can’t possibly put this allover my face because of the reason I stated before. So bear in mind that I only tested this all over my face once and but used this on my nose area and the extremely dry và problematic parts of my face (where there’s lots of skin texture such as my under-eye area và cheeks. Doing so will enable me to lớn kiểm tra the product on extremes (super oily và super dry skin types) without compromising my own comfort during the kiểm tra period.

Okay, since I got that all out, let’s begin. As always, when I’m testing out base products, the pictures are unedited and my camera’s skin smoothing function is turned off. I had put the product all over my face this time.


I really wanted khổng lồ take a picture of what it looks like on my face but honestly, there’s no visible difference between the baby powder I use and this pact. This is not bad. In fact, its good. Powder is meant to blkết thúc with your makeup and if you can see the powder, it means that you might be applying too much or the sản phẩm is just bad. This is not visible when it’s freshly applied.

Eglips claims that this is supposed khổng lồ minimize the appearance of fine lines và pores & it did that. Really O.O I’m amazed. This might be good to use during shoots and at events where you’re taking lots of photos since its a colored powder, it wouldn’t flashbaông chồng và would turn you into a flour-covered quái dị in photos. I used this at my graduation (see picture above) and it didn’t disappoint.

However, I would lượt thích to point out some other things and take you up cthua trận on that pholớn.

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You can see here that my skin looks photoshoped on most of the parts. But you can already see creases on my under-eye area since I cried sometime before taking that picture. Don’t ask. It’s graduation. This means that the powder isn’t water proof while is okay since they didn’t clalặng that it’s waterproof. I’m totally fine with powders that are not waterproof since I always use translucent powders but since this is colored, it will always always be visible once it starts to lớn accumulate moisture and begins lớn huddle up so keep that in mind.

One thing is that since this one is colored, it will kindomain authority be a little visible once all your oil starts to lớn creep up. Kinda lượt thích another layer of foundation on your skin but that will go away once you blot your skin :)

Score: 3.5/5

Total Score: 4.4/5 A bunch of lows và a bunch of highs for me. Honestly, I reeeaaally want khổng lồ love sầu it since Pony loves it so much but I don’t think it’s for me. I think I’ll have sầu a better chance of the other powder I purchased from Eglips.So watch out for that reviews soon ^^

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