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And here it comes- the other k-beauty product nhận xét which I mentioned a few posts back. So today’s post is going to be all about The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea. Here it goes.

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According lớn RoseRoseShop, The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream with Green Tea is supposed khổng lồ be ‘effective in skin cleansing’ while leaving ‘mild touch feel’. I couldn’t find anything more about the cream & what it’s supposed lớn vì but I guess that’s understandable since its main purpose is lớn clean the face effectively. Under My thoughts subheading I’m checking this lonely claim against the reality.


Surprisingly for me, I bought this cleansing cream in a brick-and-mortar store TKMaxx. It cost me £4.99 so I saw it as a great bargain & didn’t hesitate even for a second lớn purchase it. The cream itself comes in this:



It’s in a beige round plastic packaging as the photos show và inside, there’s a thin plastic lid that provides additional protection for the cream. It’s easy to open và quite convenient in terms of storing it as it’s quite flat and sealed properly so I haven’t been afraid to move sầu it around or store it in lots of weird positions.

Ingredients & Texture



In terms of ingredients, it contains mineral oil (quite a lot of it since it is listed as second on the ingredients list) which is supposed to lớn help remove the (waterproof) makeup và any dirt left on the face. Because of that it can be used as a first step in the cleansing routine & may replace a makeup remover/cleansing oil/cleansing balm. There are also a few plant extracts (most notably Green Tea Extract and Sage Leaf Extract) to lớn nurture the skin which I really like- normally cleansers are designed only to lớn cleanse and that’s their primary alặng so they rarely contain anything ‘extra’ that enhances the skin’s condition.

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When it comes to lớn texture, the cleansing cream is whitish and reeeeally soft & easy to lớn spread. It also contains small granules but there are too few of them lớn make it feel like a face scrub.

There’s quite a lot of it in the packaging as well & it’s lasted for over three weeks for me. That’s a long time, really, taking inlớn trương mục that I’ve sầu cleansed with it not only my face but also my neông chồng (front & back).

My thoughts

I really lượt thích this cleansing cream. It’s got a nice ingredients menu, it’s long-lasting, easy khổng lồ spread & (most importantly) it’s really affordable. However, it’s got one big downside- it’s not as effective in removing makeup as I expected it to lớn be. Before I bought it, I read a few reviews of it và some of them claimed that it takes quite a bit of massaging it on the face lớn get rid of all the makeup. I didn’t want to believe it (as it contains mineral oil as a second ingredient so it should be pretty effective sầu, I thought) & decided khổng lồ kiểm tra it myself. So after buying it, I did an experiment. I put some regular mascara, lipgloss và long-lasting lipstick at the baông xã of my h& lớn see how effectively it would remove them. Here are the pictures: