Prior to switching lớn mainly Korean skincare, I followed the basic Western 3 step routine of cleanser, toner, moisturiser both morning và evening. I would use the exact same products, same routine day in day out no matter what my skin condition or what the season was.

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Nowadays, I tkết thúc khổng lồ listen và pay more attention to what my skin needs và adapt my skincare routine more effectively on a regular basis. I incorporate everything from the basics to lớn exfoliators, essences, serums, eye cream, sheet masks & sleeping packs/masks.

My skin is definitely thanking me for the change & one of the first products I incorporated inkhổng lồ my new routine included the Inniskhông tính tiền Green Tea Seed Serum và the Inniskhông tính phí Green Tea Seed Cream.

I initially only planned khổng lồ pick up the Green Tea Seed Serum from this line because it was highly raved about & an Innisfree bestseller. However, while browsing in the Inniskhông tính tiền shop in Seoul, I saw the Green Tea Seed Cream và thought it would work well in combination with the serum so I ended up getting both.

Green Tea Seed Serum

I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed after using this product particularly since I had really high expectations from all the raves it has. Used in combination with the cream, it provides good hydration but really, other than that it doesn’t seem khổng lồ have sầu many other benefits. Yet despite not having a multitude of skincare properties I’ve sầu come to lớn expect from Korean products, I actually really enjoy using this serum for the texture, smell và how it makes my skin feel.



This is advertised by Inniskhông tính tiền as a serum that delivers abundant moisture and nourishment deep inkhổng lồ the skin & contains eco-friendly Jeju Island 100% fresh green tea và green tea seeds – the former khổng lồ provide hydration và the latter creating a moisture barrier to lớn loông chồng in the skin moisture for longer.

From Korea, this cost me 17,600 won/£9.94/$15.đôi mươi.

Taking a look at the ingredients, green tea extract is listed first and accounts for a whopping 75.9% of this serum. I love sầu that since some products that clayên to lớn have star ingredients only equate to lớn a minimal amount when you take a closer look at its ingredients danh mục. Green tea is known as an antioxidant, is anti-inflammatory, hydrating & great for sensitive skin.

There are a lot of citrus extracts such as grapefruit, orange và tangerine which help lớn moisturise, tone & brighten skin.

Some people might be put off that alcohol is listed fourth but it doesn’t bother me since it neither has an alcohol smell or is drying/irritating on my skin.



I really love the packaging of this serum. This 80ml plastic bottle is xinh đẹp, compact and light enough for travel. It’s so small I was surprised it was as much as 80ml because it looks a lot less and the Soybean Serum I also got from Innismiễn phí is 50ml và has a bigger bottle, although it is longer. This also comes with a protective sầu cap over the pump so it doesn’t spill or leak out if you are carrying it around. I also think its great since it covers the dispenser hole which keeps bacteria and germs out.

For a serum this actually has quite a low viscosity. It is watery và runny but only a bit thicker than water with a semi-transparent milky White colour. I love sầu this fragrance. Its a set of green tea and a floral scent with a hint of citrus. Some people find it to lớn be too overpowering but I think its just right và it doesn’t linger after I’ve sầu applied. Its very similar to the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume.

I generally use this after cleanser, toner and essence but before moisturiser. Sometimes I will layer up serums that have different skincare purposes and the general rule is that lighter & thinner consistencies go first và then thicker, heavier ones last.

I apply 1 và a half pumps which is enough khổng lồ adequately cover my face & neck area. It absorbs quickly và immediately my face feels slightly plumper due to lớn the instant hydration it gives. It doesn’t leave a sticky or heavy feel on the skin and I can move on khổng lồ my next skincare step immediately after.

Quite runny & watery for a serum. Lightweight.

Absorbs quickly. No residue or stickiness left behind

Overall, this is a good serum for giving a good boost of moisture. It works great for all skin types, both summer & winter although you’d probably need more hydrating steps in the winter for dry skin. I have sầu oily/combination skin & I don’t find this is too heavy or makes me any oilier. Very oily skin types could even rely on this alone without a moisturiser.

However, I don’t think it’s a must have for me because there are other products out there that can hydrate while also having other benefits. Especially for a serum, I do expect a bit more from it such as anti wrinkle or brightening properties. Its a fairly basic ingredients các mục with just green tea as the standout & I haven’t noticed any long term benefits other than hydrating my skin. I like this sản phẩm and it does its job but it doesn’t wow me.

Green Tea Seed Cream

For the past 2 years of my flying career, I only used the Garnier Skin Moisture Match Protect và Glow. Looking baông chồng on it now, I can’t believe my skin didn’t just give up & go crazy with breakouts. Definitely got lucky in the genes department. Flying constantly is so drying for the skin and Garnier definitely didn’t provide enough moisture. I didn’t realise at the time that it was probably due lớn the laông chồng of hydration that my skin was producing more oil because it was getting dehydrated yet I had dry patches too.

Enter the Green Tea Seed Cream. My skin feels so much better for it.

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Like the Green Tea Seed Serum, this is 100% fresh squeezed green tea & green tea seed from Jeju. Rich in amino acids and minerals, it claims lớn be an anti-oxidant infused cream for deep hydration & nourishment.

In Korea, this cost 16,000 won/£9.05/$13.80.

It contains similar ingredients to lớn the serum including the citrus extracts. Not sure what % of green tea extract is contained in it since it does not state on the website unlike the serum, but probably a nice high dose since it’s listed first. It also contains more humectant và occlusive ingredients since it’s a cream that gives you a svào moisture barrier.

This cream comes housed in a 50ml plastic jar with a twist off lid. It doesn’t come with a spatula so you need to scoop the sản phẩm out which isn’t the most hygienic. It had a protective seal over the cream but I’ve sầu since lost it.

This cream has a nice consistency. It’s quite thichồng and firm but also quite gel-like and bouncy. I can tip the pot upside down and it won’t budge.

Had a protective seal over the opening but I’ve sầu lost it.

Cream comes quite full in the jar. This is after 3 months usage.

Firm, bouncy, gel-like consistency.

The scent similar khổng lồ the serum – floral, herbal and green tea-ish. Probably slighter stronger as it’s a more dense consistency but not to the point that its overwhelming. Its fresh & doesn’t linger once it’s absorbed into lớn the skin.

I apply this as the final step in my skincare routine. As it’s now winter I tover khổng lồ double up on the moisturiser before bed, using a lighter gel texture first then applying this lớn seal in all the goodness. If I’m using a sleeping paông chồng, I may skip this cream altogether, or apply an hour or so before. This gives it time to lớn fully absorb so it doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin in combination with a very hydrating sleeping pachồng.

This is definitely the thickest and most moisturising cream I’ve sầu ever used. Since my skin (& especially my t-zone) has always leaned more towards oily, I’ve always picked light or gel type moisturisers. I’d say this would be too heavy for my skin in summer but as it’s winter now it works well to lớn apply every evening. It provides alot of moisturisation and my skin feels immediately bouncy, firm, soft và hydrated. Never used to lớn get that feeling with my previous moisturiser, since it wasn’t hydrating enough.

Very slight dewy, refreshed glow on the skin. Leaves skin smooth & plump.

When I touch my face you can also feel there is a thin smooth layer sitting atop the skin that is creating the moisture barrier to seal và lochồng in the moisture. There is no heavy or uncomfortable feeling but it is not as absorbing as the serum. Since this acts as an occlusive I’m fine with it in the evening after I’ve sầu applied a lighter moisturiser. However, I don’t tover to use this in the morning because it can make me oilier quicker during the day and I don’t have sầu enough time in the morning to lớn wait for it khổng lồ fully absorb before applying my makeup. Though sometimes I will just apply to my cheek, chin and nechồng area while avoiding my oily t-zone.

I guess the downside then would be that for my skin type, it doesn’t work too great in oily areas of my face. Under makeup, it makes me shinier & more oily during the day. When I apply in the evening, I wake up with nice hydrated skin but my nose can feel quite slippery.

If your skin is dry however, this makes a great all year round moisturiser. I rethành viên a time just after my last couple flights before I left, that I would get off the plane và my skin would feel really tight & dry, with a bit of an itch from the dry weather. I would generously slather both the serum và cream on và after a couple days my skin went baông xã khổng lồ feeling and looking normal again. For skin more like mine, it’s moisturising enough for winter but I would look for something different during the warmer seasons.



Both these products are good additions khổng lồ my skincare routine & I’m glad I tried them both. I think the Green Tea Seed Serum is more versatile and works for any season or skin type. I can apply this with any other products since it absorbs quickly.

While I lượt thích the Green Tea Seed Cream, I have sầu to lớn be more careful & thoughtful about when và with what other products I apply with since it is a thick cream that tends lớn sit more on the skin và makes me more oily during the day. It’s not an everyday sản phẩm in my opinion, but more for when I need a good boost of hydration on drier days.

If you’d like lớn piông chồng up both products: you can buy both the serum here and the cream here, from IBBI.