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A before and after image from the brand, which shows a significant reduction in dark spots over the course of 10 days. Amazon

I would describe my skin type as normal with a high tolerance for strong ingredients, so I was able lớn use this treatment twice a day without any negative sầu side effects. After using it religiously for about three weeks, it became very noticeable that my skin had far fewer blackheads.

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If I had lớn guess, I would say the blackheads on my nose (my biggest problem area) were reduced by about một nửa. And, with the help of other blackhead clearing products, I no longer consider blackheads a skin concern.

Cons khổng lồ consider

If you have sầu sensitive sầu skin, a sản phẩm containing a high percentage of benzoyl peroxide (5.5%) may cause irritated, dry, or flaky skin. Using a sản phẩm containing a smaller dose can be a safer way to incorporate the strong ingredient into your routine.

Affordable alternatives under $20

Depending on your skin type, you should take inkhổng lồ tài khoản the potency of benzoyl peroxide when adding the ingredient to your routine.

Paula"s Choice Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment containing 5% benzoyl peroxide ($19) is the most comparable hàng hóa to lớn Effaclar Dual kích hoạt Acne Treatment. Paula"s Choice Regular Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment ($18) contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, alongside soothing ingredients, making it a safer option for sensitive sầu skin.

A more potent option is Urban SkinRX"s Clear Complexion Acne Serum + Spot Treatment ($18.99). It"s formulated with 7.5% benzoyl peroxide, so it acts as a pretty strong spot treatment, but if you use it as a serum, you should start by gradually adding it to your routine.

If you have sầu sensitive sầu skin, a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide provides a gentle way khổng lồ introduce the ingredient into lớn your routine. I recommover CeraVe Acne Foam Cream Cleanser ($14.99) with 4% benzoyl peroxide or Differin Daily Deep Facial Cleanser ($10.44) with 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Other ways to lớn fight blackheads at home

Prior khổng lồ finding Dual kích hoạt Treatment, using an extractor tool was one way I dealternative text with blackheads. Extracting blackheads at trang chủ is a very risky solution because it can cause skin damage, marks, and scars. I shouldn"t have been doing it. While it may be a tempting option or even a method you currently or use, it"s not something you should take inlớn your own hands. It should only be done by a professional.

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Use exfoliators:

Using a physically exfoliating facewash a few times a week will help to remove sầu dead skin cells và unclog pores.

I"ve sầu been using Dermalogica"s Daily Superfoliant ($59) for over a year. Just a bit of water turns the charcoal-infused powder inkhổng lồ a detoxifying, exfoliating cleanser.

A more affordable option, which I also use regularly và love sầu, is MyCHELLE"s Refining Sugar Cleanser ($25). As you cleanse the sugar crystals dissolve, providing you with an exfoliating start và a smooth finish.

Exfoliating masks can shed the lining of pores and promote cell turnover while brightening skin. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial 5% AHA + 2% BHA Mask ($88) is one of my favorites because it"s strong và effective sầu but has soothing ingredients including allantoin và aloe barbadensis leaf extract lớn reduce the likelihood of irritation. The Ordinary"s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution ($7.20) also contains a high percentage of acids but doesn"t contain calming ingredients so make sure khổng lồ vày a spot test to lớn be sure your skin can tolerate it.

Make sure you"ve fully removed all makeup & grime before you go khổng lồ sleep:

Removing makeup, SPF, dirt, and excess oil at the kết thúc of the day is crucial khổng lồ preventing blackheads & breakouts. Face Halo"s ($22 for a set of three) reusable makeup removing pads get the job done without the use of a cleanser. Just add water to lớn the soft, fluffy pad và gently wipe skin. I was very skeptical this product would work sans cleanser but it really did the trichồng. Keep one in your purse, desk, or gym bag for easy, on-the-go makeup removal.

Wondergloss" Makeup Assasin & Oil Cleanser ($29) is a hydrating balm that really wowed me with its ability khổng lồ melt away makeup, including extremely stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara.


La Roche-Posay

The bottom line

La Roche-Posay"s Effaclar Duo Dual kích hoạt Acne Treatment did a great job clearing my blackheads. It really impressed me with how well & how quickly it worked, but it was no surprise after learning how each ingredient addresses a different root cause of acne.

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The formula is pretty strong, so if you have sầu super sensitive skin, you may want khổng lồ opt for one of the lower-percentage products I mentioned above.

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