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Very light texture and doesn’t cause any burning / painful feelings to my face unlượt thích other products (it’s not allergy, it’s just that the skin needs a period of time to lớn get used to new skincare products)

I have sầu very very sensitive sầu skin. Having an autoimmune disorder means my skin is super temperamental. That" why I love this brand. My skin never reacts when I use this. I usually use the normal one but I" a greasy b. So I thought I" try this. It" good! Helps control my oil and keep my skin clear. Just avoid your lips!

This hàng hóa has really helped control the oil my face produces! I’ve suffered from really bad breakouts and this has become a staple, I use it on my chest too. The only downside is that it can be a little too drying so i’m trying to lớn find another product that I can alternate this with.

The results for this come from consistent use. When my skin was really acting up, I made sure to cleanse my face twice each night, và keep the rest of my face routine simple, using this after my moisturizer lớn help with better absorption. I was afraid of irritation as it" an hàng hóa for acne, but it is mild và you can see results after using it for a week night and day. I would buy it again. No 5 stars, cause it didn" WOW me, but still a very good hàng hóa khổng lồ have in your acne face kit.

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What a surprise that k+ adds to 40ml! It worth the price! It could fix my cđại bại pimple & matain the face clean all the day

My skin is under control after using it. It" not so effective sầu for closed comedones, but gentler compared to DUO+

I have super sensitive sầu & problematica skin , after using this cream 3 days , i can see the difference , good product.

I have sầu already been using effaclar duo+ at night và found it great for acne prone skin. Wanted something that would keep my skin matte during the day và something beneficial for my skin type (combination, acne prone). Effaclar K does the job great! I use it under makeup ccoupled with a hydrating serum & when I take off the makeup my skin looks lovely.

I have sầu tried it for several times, for above sầu 1 hour my skin feels mattified, but then my forehead becomes very greasy, I always have excess sebum on forehead, can" find anything that would giảm giá with it. I hoped this cream will make a miracle, but it becomes just worse, Rest of the skin feels ok. Also it has quite svào smell,

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