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I was not a fan of this sản phẩm at all. Did not notice any difference whatsoever after using it consistently.

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Effaclar Duo

This is the best acne/blackhead cream I’ve sầu ever used. Even my prescription Retin-A didn’t work like this does. No peeling like Retin-A. I’m almost 60 & still have sầu oily skin, larger pores & some acne! The Effaclar Duo is perfect for am (to lớn keep bacteria at bay) & pm prior to moisturizer. I’ve sầu received several complements on how nice my skin looks! Love sầu it & highly recommkết thúc.

This works!

A bit over drying if you use too much. Just a put a little on the pimple và that would be enough.

Effaclar Duo

After going khổng lồ a dermatologist for consistent breakouts, she recommended a sản phẩm with benzoyl peroxide, which is how I came across the La Rođậy Possay Effaclar Duo. This sản phẩm has completely changed my life & skin. I put it on the areas I have sầu had acne for months, not knowing it was even acne, và within 2 days my skin cleared up. Highly recommend this product!

Best spot treatment you can buy!!!

I love this hàng hóa so much! It really works well on those deep pimples that are under the skin, which is really different from most spot treatments. Most of the time the deep acne is something that has khổng lồ be taken care of with better eating habits or even medication but this product works even on those really deep spots. It takes maybe a couple of days và then it is gone. It has even a nice cooling effect which makes you feel it working!

Effaclar duo

This cream is really helping with my acne. It is pretty strong, so I don't use it every day. It has good consistency and doesn't rub off when applying makeup.Overall, it is one of the best acne products that I used.

Effective without drying

I love sầu that this does not irritate my skin or bleach my sheets & towels. I never believed that a lower benzoyl peroxide content could actually work better until I tried this!

Maybe the best ever…

I’ve tried many, many anti acne/blemish creams over the years. Some simply did nothing. Others just dried out my skin or burned it/ irritated it. This one, however, does none of that. It just does what it’s suppose khổng lồ vì chưng, which is help heal your breakouts and return your skin back it it’s best place. Love sầu this cream! Highly recommend…

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Gentler benzoyl peroxide option

I have sầu sensitive skin and have sầu struggled lớn find a benzoyl peroxide sản phẩm that doesn't irritate. This hàng hóa is great as it is gentle yet still effective. The tube is small but I find that you don't need a large amount of product--for me less is more & still works. I have been using this sản phẩm in the AM & the adapalene in the PM. No skin irritation as long as I moisturize and use SPF. I'll keep using this product combo consistently as I can see it's helping.

Amazing product!

Great acne fighting product! I received a sample of this hàng hóa with my previous order, and I used the entire sample tube! I loved it so much that I bought a full kích cỡ bottle! I typically use a 10% benzoyl peroxide acne spot treatment, but I actually prefer this one now because of the micro-exfoliating lipo-hydroxy acid it is also formulated with. I feel like this combination works better lớn fight multi types of acne và get rid of hyperpigmentation and redness on the skin from pimples. I would highly recommend!

Works well

I got this for occasional breakouts & I think it works. I haven't had any skin irritation.

Effaclar Duo

I bought this sản phẩm for my 19 year old daughter who recently started having breakouts. This sản phẩm helped dry up & heal the areas where she was having issues. She was pleased with how quickly her skin cleared up.

Works well!

I have had breakouts all my life. This really keeps everything in check. I only need a little once a day & it's perfect for spot treatment.

Best acne treatment

This is the best acne treatment! It is very powerful, gets rid of pimples fast. It is also gentle, not much drying of the skin around the pimple. I totally recommover this hàng hóa, I hope it always available!

This lotion saves my skin

I love this lotion! It's incredibly effective sầu và really works. I use it as a toàn thân lotion & apply it every night before bed -- the moisture lasts all the next day. It's a rich cream và helps with crepey skin và dryness lượt thích nothing else I've ever used. My doctor compliments me on my skin every time I see her.

Effaclar Duo

As a result of wearing my mask several hours each day I started khổng lồ break-out with small blemishes around my nose & on my chin. I called and spoke lớn a Lovely Skin consultant and she recommended this hàng hóa. It’s GREAT. Seriously dried up my blemishes in about two days. Wish this was around when I was a teenager! I’m over 60!

Great for mild acne control

I love sầu the whole la robít posay effaclar line. I stray to try new things but always come baông xã lớn this line and never disappoints. This is great for wrinkle và mild acne control without over drying. I use it twice a week và more if I have sầu a break out spot. I spot treat with this one. Love it!

Simply GREAT

I have sầu used a variety of La Robít Posey products over the years & have been impressed by their product chất lượng and their organizational honesty without exception. Happily, Effaclar Duo is an awesome product- it has been kind to my skin while knocking out some stubborn acne. My thanks also to lớn LoveySkin for making this outstanding sản phẩm available!

Very Effective

I bought this hàng hóa khổng lồ help with recurring hormonal cystic acne. I don’t get it often, but when I vày, it is really hard to treat. This hàng hóa was highly recommended by other reviewers, and they were correct. It helps khổng lồ reduce cystic acne as quickly as anything else I’ve sầu ever tried. It’s very svào, however, & can be very drying, so make sure lớn use it sparingly.

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