Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stiông xã is a fairly new version of a cooling under eye stiông chồng that moisturizes while promising anti-aging benefits while treating dark circles.

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Let’s take a look!


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick isn’t a beauty innovation by any means. This is quite a popular style hàng hóa in Korea & many brands have some version or another of it. We even have sầu a few brand’s that do eye cooling sticks right here in the US.

Only difference here? Maybe Tony Moly’s version is a little cuter as it’s shaped lượt thích a little pandomain authority hehe!


I won’t lie, I carry these cooling sticks around everywhere I go & keep them tucked in my desk drawer & on my over table etc…they have sầu a smooth, easy glide under my eyes and have sầu a cooling sensation that feels fantastic under tired, puffy eyes. It even offers a nice bit of moisture too! When your eyes are as dry and as puffy as mine any little amount of moisture và coolness are quite pleasant & welcome! I don’t really love how they apply under conceal but I don’t mind them over it as the day progresses and my eyes are strained và showing signs of tiredness after starting at a monitor for several hours. They also provide a nice hydrating feel, nothing dramatic mind you but a little touch of moisture at the over of a long day is a welcome relief for my drier eyes.


Unfortunately, I don’t think they have any real dark circle benefits nor do they offer any anti-aging benefits! But hey, if your eyes are dry, tired, perhaps puffy this little Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick will be perfect for you lớn stash away in your makeup bag or desk drawer.

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It’s available now from seller F2Plus1.

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I’m kind of obsessed with TonyMoly’s adorable packaging! I have the Panda’s Dream White Hvà Cream, but I haven’t actually used it yet. I just love sầu how it looks lol! I’ve sầu looked at this eye stichồng before, but wasn’t sure if the cooling effect would be irritating lớn my eyes. Does it absorb inlớn your skin quickly, or does it leave behind a lot? I don’t wear under eye concealer, but I’d worry that it could make my mascara and eyeliner run or smear. Thanks