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PROS Best in class performance Good display Good camera Good battery life CONS Slippery and prone to falling out of your h& Not water-proof


With the Galaxy lưu ý 5, Samsung has completed the transformation it started with the Galaxy S6 this year. The phone is a combination of power & design, & not many would deny that the phone looks good and performs well. It’s pure style, combined with good performance. The only real hitch is that a phone this expensive sầu shouldn’t be prone to lớn falling out of your hvà. If you’re looking for a flagship phablet, then this is still the one khổng lồ buy though.

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Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 5 detailed Review

Having reviewed three out of four Samsung flagships this years, there’s not much left to lớn say about the Galaxy Note 5 that we haven’t said in those other review already. What differs though is that The Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5 has much more khổng lồ live sầu up to than the other devices. This is a segment that Samsung pioneered, which means that the responsibility of innovating falls on its shoulders. Evidently though, the company’s focus this year is on design, because that’s precisely where the cảnh báo 5 is different from other cảnh báo devices till now.

Build & Design


The glass and metal kiến thiết philosophy that Samsung adopted for its flagships, continues with the cảnh báo 5. The phone has curved glass on the bachồng và a sheet of Gorilla Glass 4 on the front. But you already know about that.


What you need to lớn know is that while the chú ý 5, lượt thích the lưu ý 4 before it, is more compact than other phones in this series, it remains unwieldy. Many seem lớn like this large size though, so the decision falls on the buyer. The heavy usage of glass though makes the phone really slippery & prone lớn falling out of your h&.


None of that changes the fact that the phone looks premium though. The curved glass on the back has but one job, & that is to make this phone look good and different. From the front though, it’s a quintessential Samsung design, and whether you lượt thích it is completely your own opinion. For us, we would give lưu ý 5 a lot of marks on the looks front.



DisplayIf you’ve sầu read out Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Reviews, you already know how good the chú ý 5’s display is. The 5.7 inch QHD SAMOLED display is one of the best out there. What’s interesting is that Samsung has toned down the yellowish-ness of the display. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a pretty warm display, to the point that it looks lượt thích the odd one out when placed next to lớn an LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z3+, but the chú ý 5’s display is not as warm as we’ve sầu come to lớn expect from Samsung.

Colours are really vivid on the display, và if you’ve sầu liked Samsung displays till now, this one’s khổng lồ die for, just like the S6 Edge Plus.

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The S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 is as good as it ever was, và a tad better. That said, even with a 5.7 inch display, there's only that much that you can vì. If you've been a big proponent of Samsung's S-Pen though, then the one on the cảnh báo 5 is easily the best till now. It writes almost lượt thích a real pen & Samsung has added the option to lớn add apps to the Air Command menu. So, you can now add apps lượt thích Evernote, Onechú ý & others khổng lồ the Air Comm& thực đơn và write on them using the S-Pen. What's more useful though is the Screen Off Memo option, which allows you to lớn write with the S-Pen even with the display turned off. Whenever you pull the S-Pen out of the cảnh báo 5, the screen will remain blaông chồng, but you can write on it & jot down a few notes. It's limited in the sense that there's only that much you can write on a 5.7 inch display, but its pretty useful nevertheless.

Lastly, và perhaps most importantly, the Galaxy chú ý 5 can alert you if you've sầu left the S-Pen behind somewhere. This perhaps is something that every cảnh báo user would appreciate, considering how many have sầu lost their styluses. The S-Pen Alerts option is turned on by default and you can turn it off from the Settings thực đơn.

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PerformanceBenchmarks don’t ever suffice for performance testing, but Samsung’s got both the aspects covered with its Exynos 7 Octa processor. This is the same processor that runs on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and the S6 Edge Plus.

In regular usage, the Galaxy cảnh báo 5 can take anything you throw at it, and the bigger form size of the phone, allows for better heat circulation, allowing the average clock tốc độ khổng lồ remain higher than in the Galaxy S6 và S6 Edge. The performance of the phone can’t be credited to lớn the SoC alone though. While Exynos 7 is a good processor, the Note 5’s performance owes a lot khổng lồ the fact that Samsung has made no compromise. The sequential read speeds for the storage on the phone come to around 440 MB per second which for the general public, translates to lớn really good. In addition, DDR4 RAM allows the performance khổng lồ be even smoother, và 4 GB of it, allows for a lot of multitasking.

The overall performance of the chú ý 5 is a combination of processor, NAND và RAM, and they all vì chưng well working in unison. It’s the best performing Android phone in the market right now, speaking in terms of pure performance. Even the gọi & network performance on the Note 5 is better than others. In a room with 5 people on the same Vodafone network, the cảnh báo 5 can get a 3G signal even when others are stuông chồng on Edge. This is something that many iPhone users report about their devices.

It would be worth mentioning that the Galaxy chú ý 5 sends diagnostic reports khổng lồ Samsung servers whenever it's connected lớn a WiFi. You can turn this off from the Settings Menu, by going inlớn Loông chồng Screen và Security. I have contacted Samsung khổng lồ clarify that the Reports are indeed only diagnostic reports, & am yet to lớn hear bachồng from it.

BatteryAll the performance though, usually take a toll on the battery life, so when Samsung allowed a 3,000 mAh battery, I was somewhat disappointed. You’re talking about a 5.7 inch QHD display here, along with a powerful octa-core processor.

Here again though, the lưu ý 5 exceeded expectations. On a regular work day, with exactly 26 phone calls, lots of IMs, social networking & about 20 minutes of gaming, at midnight, the phone had 15% of battery left. This is without using the battery saver mode at all, và that’s about as good as any phone in the market can give sầu you today.

CameraWe’ve sầu discussed Samsung’s prowess with cameras in the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus nhận xét, so we’ll simply direct you to those for this one.

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BottomlineWith the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has completed the transformation it started with the Galaxy S6 this year. The phone is a combination of power & thiết kế, & not many would deny that the phone looks good & performs well. It’s pure style, combined with good performance. The only real hitch is that a phone this expensive shouldn’t be prone khổng lồ falling out of your h&. If you’re looking for a flagship phablet, then this is still the one to lớn buy though.

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