Review cc melano: serum vitamin c melano cc rohto tốt không?


I’d been debating for a while whether khổng lồ spill the beans on one of my favourite Vitamin C serums to date.

On the one hvà, there are some things I’d like to keep to my self, hugging it to lớn my chest with a sly smile, knowing it’s my little secret. On the other hand, I’m a damn blogger, prone to lớn sharing LOL!

So, I guess I’ll tell you about the Melano CC Intensive sầu Anti-Spot Essenceaka Melano CC Vitamin C Essence after all.

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Melano CC, from what I underst&, is a Japanese brvà under the Rohto-Mentholatum umbrella (the same one that houses Hada Labo).

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If I’m not mistaken, they only have one range, which focuses on the use of Vitamin C.

I remember someone telling me about it once, a few years ago. It wasn’t until I came upon it in a pharmacy that I decided to pichồng one up to try. Yes, Melano CC is found in pharmacies (or drugstores) in nhật bản and in some other countries (but not yet Malaysia, unfortunately! So read on at your peril)Apparently, that’s changed!
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