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I don"t know about you but gosh! the lack of MAC lipstick posts on the blog has been seriously bugging my mind. Don"t even ask about the amount of times my new MAC lipstick has stayed untouched because I couldn"t find the time to lớn click its pictures. Its a blogger thing! We are obsessed with those fresh new lipstick curves! So believe me when I say my "MAC Flat Out Fabulous" lipstick has still not graced my lips after 3 months of buying it duty-free. Tough life! Its bugging me lượt thích anything & I aim khổng lồ click pictures of it this weekend. I have to do it or I"ll go insane!!!


Moving on.. Here"s my new obsession these days- MAC"s Relentlessly Red
lipstick. I actually look for excuses to lớn wear it. Its the most beautiful bright pink and complements my medium Indian skintone so amazingly well (if I say so myself!)Remember I wore it on my b"day here và with this recent bling bling outfit few weeks ago here? #Obsessed. So, a reviews was long due.

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MAC Relentlessly Red was a part of Retro Matte collection
that got out late last year. Remember Retro matte is Ruby Woo"s family? Thank the makeup God"s.. This is now a part of permanent collection. So available at every MAC counter. Yay!If I have to describe this shade in one line, it"ll be "The matte cousin of MAC Impassioned, with a cảm ứng of red" but a one-liner would hardly be a review so here"s it!- Relentlessly Red on MAC website is described as "Bright Pinkish Coral Matte" & I kinda agree on that. It photographs differently in different lighting. Some-days it looks pink on me, then coral pink và even reddish coral in low lights. It"s a confusing one for sure! I feel it"s safe to conclude that it"ll show up different on different skin tones & depending on your natural lip color too.

- As I said before, Its a matte cousin of MAC Impassioned but with a touch of red in it. MAC All Fired Up is similar too but with a lot more pink & less of coral in it. Here"s a swatch of them, next lớn each other.
- Retro Matte finish means its really really matte. Not Lime Crime Velvetine kinda matte but matte with a slight lusture and comfortable wear lớn it. It can drag a bit on lips though.- The lipstick goes opaque
in one swipe. I have two swipes in the pictures.

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- It"s super matte so drying too. You really need to prep your lips before hand. Lip scrub to lớn get rid of flakiness (I used Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub the night before), oodles of lip balm, maybe a lip primer, then alip liner for extended long wear and then the lipstick. So yup! A good 10 minutes to lớn get that perfect pout.If you suffer from dry lips, Retro matte will not be a good pick. But if you"re determined (like me!) steps listed above can work for you too.- I found Relentlessly Red tad more flakiness prone than Ruby Woo. After about 3-4 hours of wear that is!- Its really long wearing. Easy 8 hours & then leaves a heavy stain behind.- Standard MAC đen bullet packaging, vanilla scent.
$40 (NZ), Rs 1450 (India)/ Rs 1250 (India, duty-free)Buy from: All MAC counters worldwide
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