Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 Unit 1, 2, 3


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Match the phrases in A with their continuations in B.2. Complete the conversation, using the words from the box.Laura: You are really fit, Peter. Vị you exercise very much?Peter: Well, I always get up very early, and I (1)______ for an hour.Laura: You"re joking!Peter: No. & then I (2)______ round the lake near my house.Laura: How often vị you (3)______ lượt thích that?Peter: About five times a week. What about you, Laura?Laura: Oh, I hardly ever (4)______. I usually just (5)______ in my không tính phí time.Peter: Really?...PRONUNCIATION:3. Write the words in the correct columns and read them aloud.4. Use the verbs in the correct form, the present simple, the present continuous or the future simple, khổng lồ complete the sentences.1. Hurry up! The bus _________ (come). I _________ (not/want) to lớn miss it.2. Please _________ (not/make) so much noise. I ___________ (study).3. John _________ (speak) English và French. Now, he _________ (speak) French to lớn some visitors from Paris.4.A: I _________ (be) so thirsty now! B: OK. I _________ (bring) you some water.5.A: This vacuum cleaner _________ (not/work)! B: Just a moment, I _________ (fix) it for you.1. People don"t use this road very often.> This road ...isn"t used very often.2.They vày not often invite David khổng lồ parties. > David ...is not often invited to parties.3. The thực đơn includes fruit juice. > Fruit juice ...is included in the menu.4. They clean Mr. Miller"s room every day. > Mr. Miller"s room is cleaned every day. 5.

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People can hear the music from far away. > The music can be heard from far away.5. Write the sentences beginning with the words / phrases given without changing the meaning of the given sentences.6. Match the beginnings in A with the endings.SKILLS: READING1. A. Read the text.b. Match the words in A with their definitions in B.Keys1 - c2 - d3 - b4 - e5 - a2. Give short answers to lớn the following questions.1. What kind of music is very popular in America? Country music. 2. When vày people enjoy listening to country music? When life becomes more complicated and difficult. 3. What area does traditional cowboy music come from? From the American West.4. How often vì chưng the radio stations in America và Canada broadcast country music? Twenty-four hours a day.Mai4. Now report the interview results lớn the class.EG: Mai usually cooks meals and washes the dishes for her family ..Listening5. Listen lớn Kate talking about the lifestyles of her father and her uncle. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).✔✔______five times ✔______month✔✔______usually✔6. Think about two types of people who have very different lifestyles and write about what each person"s daily life is like.Sample writing:My father & my mother have very different lifestyles. My father is usually quick-tempered & pretty strict. He works hard but he never does exercise. He loves watching TV especially Sports channel. My mother has a totally different lifestyle from my father.She is funny and relaxed. She spends her không tính tiền time singing Karaoke, doing yoga or hanging out with us. We have a lot of fun when staying with her. She makes us laugh all the time.