Edwin Van Der Sar


Keep in mind this is just my opinion after using Schmiechel & Yashin I still found prime Van Der Sar to lớn be the best for me.

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I have other đánh giá of these GKs so feel free to lớn kiểm tra them out if interested.

Height: 6 foot 6

Chemistry Style: Basic

Overall Chemistry: 10

TRAITS: Comes for crosses, long throw, team player

DIVING: Really trustworthy against long shots và medium range finesse shots. Dives quickly & his height helps a great amount against these types of moments. Feels like a somewhat better Courtois in this field. Conceded 1 long shot out of the 6 or 7 I faced.

HANDLING: Outstanding. Feels about the same as Prime Schmiechel in my opinion. Catches numerous amounts of shots first time without any issues. Rarely allows second chances unless he saves with his feet which falls more inkhổng lồ the reflexes category. Even manages to lớn catch long shots really well and beyond more often than most keepers, especially Yashin.

DISTRIBUTION: Van Der Sar does come equipped with the average 81 kicking stat but does also have sầu the long throw trait which is a big pro. Throws with a lot of accuracy and less height than the likes of Casillas and De Gea but still gets the job done. Nothing to complain about here other than goal kicks sometimes lacking the accuracy required for initiating counter attacks.

REFLEXES: Certainly capable of making breathtaking saves. Reacts very quickly with a lot of wing span to prevent a conceded goal. Gets down low when needed or dives in an awkward way which believe sầu it or not somehow worked a lot of the time.

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Doesn"t have sầu the save with feet trait which is a big con this year but Van Der Sar here did manage khổng lồ save sầu with his feet a pretty decent amount of time even without the trait.

SPEED: Only true con in my book. Slow khổng lồ come out for crosses even when having the comes for crosses trait. For headers & crosses he"s in no hurry so its best khổng lồ hold Y quite early for him lớn get the job done on time. Prefers to stay on his line rather than rush the ball which for me is fine for the most part but when rushing hyên ổn out of goal manually he is below par.

POSITIONING: Sensational. One of the best position based goalkeepers iv"e used so far this year. Always in the right place to lớn save sầu long shots or dangerous attacks. Feels slightly better than prime schmeichel and a lot better than Buffon in this field. Reaches nearly any shot easily thanks to his coordination and height of course.

OVERALL: Without a doubt for me the best Icon GK iv"e used this year. Still not head and shoulders above David De Gea but the closest option beside Handanovic. Has his pros, has his cons but still among the best. Not the cheapest of options but at currently roughly 470k you can"t go wrong. Highly recommover you give sầu him a try via loan & see how he does for you. I tried Cat và Glove sầu chemisty styles và I feel lượt thích Cat didn"t do much for me và glove upgraded things that I didn"t feel like needed a change.