Xiaomi redmi note 4x review: a well tested formula continues to deliver

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Xiaongươi offered one of the best Android mobiles which are known worldwide for their exclusive sầu features and amazing composition in quite budget-friendly prices. In a very small time, the company has emerged and also make-up to lớn the lists of mainstream mobiles today. The company has launched lots of models for you. Here we will talk about Xiaomày Redmi lưu ý 4X mã sản phẩm. This masterpiece is known for its stylish kiến thiết and great looks. Let’s talk about some of the features of the Mobile below:

1. Stylish Design:


The Redngươi mobiles usually come with two small screws that are placed on both the sides of Micro USB charging port which are clearly removed in this Mã Sản Phẩm. The various antenna bands in the mobile are also minimized and replaced by shiny strips. Undoubtedly the Note 4x has emerged as one of the best modern looking mobiles which can be used by any individual while going out to lớn work, institution or while staying at home page too.

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The sản phẩm điện thoại is around 8.5milimet thiông chồng & derives its comfortability lớn hold as a curved glass which is placed over the screen. It also has a perfectly curved rear panel made up of aluminum. It is available in different colors lượt thích gold, pink, silver, & blaông xã. The Mobile is ergonomic và has a power button that falls easily khổng lồ finger or thumb. It also has a fingerprint sensor placed ideally lớn avoid touching the camera lens every time of operation.

2. Long lasting battery and bright screen:


The chú ý 4X is said lớn have a Pixel XL screen, & it is quite big, beautiful and bright. It has an IPS LCD screen that measures around 5.5 inches và also has 1080*1920-px resolutions. The Redngươi phone comes with a 4100mAh battery that can make battery survive for two days. If you use the phone on standby, then you will be charging it on the third day only. With the beautiful screen & long-lasting battery life, the Mobile offers a chất lượng pairing that you should have in your kitty.

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3. Android Configuration:


The Mobile is available in two ranges; one is 3GB RAM for the 32GB storage, & the other one has 4GB RAM for the 64GB. The device comes with Qualcomilimet Snapdragon 625 chip processor và does have sầu MediaTek installed. The Mobile has an Android 6.0.1 with Xiaomày interface, and it gives you a user experience of an Apple user and has all the applications that are spread over the home pages. You need to kiểm tra some of the application about their working in the điện thoại as the Google play store is pre-installed on the Mobile.

4. Good Camera:


The di động is equipped with the rear camera of 13-megapx. The camera does offer a pleasant experience of photography for the users. The camera is not great lớn use in dim light, but if you consider using it in daylight then you will find it offering eyebrow-raising unique The công nghệ Bluetooth không dây connectivity has been upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2 while the mã sản phẩm does not offer any Wi-Fi connectivity.

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5. Availability:


The Mobile is not available in the markets of US, UK countries. Other than China, you need khổng lồ import the di động to lớn other countries. So, bởi vì look for GearBest who can offer you a discounted price with the best of their services. Before placing your order, vày have a kiểm tra on GearBest trang web about the kind of services they are offering khổng lồ you, as they can be the best but need lớn take care of the various policies you adhere to. The device does come with a 45-day return warranty and also has a one year of warranty intact khổng lồ them.



The điện thoại with such a gesture and an awesome look at such a crazy price are difficult lớn find out. Nowadays the different colors in the hands look quite trendy khổng lồ go for. If you compare the features with the price, then you will find the same quite feasible. As such configuration in any mobile does comes at a price of approximately $150 depending on the country where you reside. If you are looking one of the trendiest mobiles in hvà with all the best features, then you will find the Xiaomày lưu ý 4X is a must lớn go for!!!

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