When it comes khổng lồ Korean và Japanese Beauty products, Rice is one of the ingredients that makes a huge impression. Ancient Japanese ladies used to put rice water directly on the skin & hair for an acne-free và healthy scalp. Rice has tons of minerals & antioxidants which help in tightening pores & acne. As for Ceramide, it is an important ingredient for restoring the skin barrier. I was looking for a product khổng lồ calm down my angry skin after using a bad Vitamin C sản phẩm. I was breaking out too much. Every sản phẩm I was using left a burning sensation on my skin. That’s when I knew my skin barrier is on fire. Ceramides as the main ingredient on the list! I sensed I needed it bad at that moment. Today I am going to lớn Review The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion so if want to lớn know the result then keep reading till the over.

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Let me quickly tell you what is an emulsion first. Emulsion is lighter than your cream và lotions but thicker & less concentrated than your serum. Typically its a lightweight watered down facial lotion that can be used in place of a moisturizer or along with other moisturizers.

Product Description:

A mild emulsion made with rice khổng lồ brighten and vegetable Ceramide to lớn protect the skin barrier of the skin by leaving it soft và smooth throughout the day. It gives the most non-greasy look all day and leaves even the most sensitive sầu skin moisturized.



Price: 8trăng tròn INR

Quantity: 100 ML

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion Review

Packaging: The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion comes in a bottle lượt thích a jar with no pump which I don’t lượt thích to be honest. It is not convenient at all and the bottle is made of plastic; we all know by now what plastic does to our environment và big brands lượt thích The Face Shop should stop it. The most problematic part is when you try lớn get the sản phẩm in your hand; you have lớn shake và shake too much downwards khổng lồ get the sản phẩm out, và sometimes you spill the hàng hóa so it can get everywhere. Although I got through two bottles of this I think I left too much hàng hóa inside the bottle because the opening is too long to reach for the last bit of the emulsion. And I don’t lượt thích leaving the product I paid for. The packaging could have been better, in my opinion.

Texture: It is white colored và has a light lotion-like texture. It is not too runny or thiông xã. But it is definitely on the thinner side.

Fragrance: The emulsion has a mild floral scent which goes away in few seconds, so it should not be a problem for those with sensitive noses.

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Efficiency: The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion have sầu definitely had its own pros and cons. First, it has sulphates in it, which is a big sucker when it comes to skincare. Now looking at the claims – Yes it does moisturize well but definitely gives a tacky look even on my dry skin. It takes time to absorb inlớn the skin but even after fully absorbing you can still feel that the product is sticking on the surface of your face. Emulsions in general are meant to help other skincare products help khổng lồ absorb better which this doesn’t do.

However, this hàng hóa really calmed down my damaged & irritated skin barrier. My skin is in much better condition after using this. The breakout stopped completely & the burning sensation reduced. This is the only reason why I keep using this. My skin looks so much dull & dark whenever I use this so I only use this in the night before going to lớn bed. It doesn’t vì anything regarding brightening as I said. It probably does the reverse & in terms of smooth and soft skin, it is an okay hàng hóa. It doesn’t do much! The emulsion is miễn phí from any skin clogging ingredients like mineral oils so you don’t have khổng lồ worry about clogged pores. One bottle lasts a very long time. It lasted me at least 5 months if I use it once every day in the night.


Pros:Helps in restoring skin barrier.Free from paraben, mineral oil, talc và colorant.Quantity is relatively good.Cons:Average moisturizer in this price.Doesn’t vày its job which an emulsion should vày.Packaging is inconvenient khổng lồ use.Makes skin look dull và dark.Leaves a tacky feeling.Takes time to absorb inkhổng lồ the skin.Has sulphates in it.Pricey.

Rating: 2.5/5

Would I recommend? If you have dry mature skin or your skin barrier is on the broken side, then only try this otherwise I don’t think this is worth the money. On the other hvà, you can try the Etude House Soon Jung Line Products if you have sầu irritated và damaged skin barrier. They are wonderful soothing moisturizers that are loved by many.