Samsung galaxy s9 plus review

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The Bottom Line

It's not revolutionary, but the Samsung Galaxy S9+ sets the bar for smartphones in 2018, with the best hardware features you can get.

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Gorgeous screen. Beautiful body. Spectacular network performance. Dual main cameras with excellent low-light capture. Loud audio.
The Samsung Galaxy S9+ ($839.99 as tested) is the best phone on the market. It hasn"t been reinvented from last year"s model. There"s no radical new feature that will send you running lớn the store, no change in the trò chơi or shift in paradigm. But it has the best screen, the best connectivity, the best speaker, & three of the best cameras available. There"s no reason to cast aside your year-old smartphone for an S9+, but if you"re shopping for a new phone, this is the one to lớn get, and our Editors" Choice.

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Note that this is a nhận xét of the Galaxy S9+, which we think edges out the Galaxy S9 because it gives you dual rear cameras, more RAM, & a bigger battery. That"s a switch from last year, when we preferred the smaller S8 because we didn"t feel the S8+ differentiated itself enough.

A Little Better Every Day

The Galaxy S9+ looks a lot lượt thích the Galaxy S8+, to the point that it"s difficult to lớn tell them apart. Like the S8+, the S9+ is a smooth phone with curved edges & a screen cascading down both sides of the curved glass. There"s a little bit less top và bottom bezel than there was on the previous model. Yes, there"s still a dedicated Bixby button on the left, ready lớn launch you into a secondary trang chủ screen. Turn the phone over và you"ll see a difference: two cameras instead of one, and a fingerprint scanner below the cameras, rather than next to lớn it.

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That fingerprint scanner location is a little bit of a middle finger khổng lồ those who complained about the S8"s scanner, because it"s not any better. The S8"s scanner required you to lớn feel around the back of the phone, possibly putting your finger over the camera lens, & that"s still the case. The solution now is just lớn slide your finger up from the bottom rather than in from the side.