Today I will be reviewing a toner from the brvà Simple. I’m pretty familiar with this brvà và I have sầu tried some products from this brand before, such as the makeup remover wipes and face wash. One of the things that I like from this br& is the toner. The toner is part of the kind to skin range, which I think is aimed at more sensitive sầu skin, so perfect for me! If you want lớn know why I like this product, please keep on reading!



£3.29 (200ml)





My Experience with Simple Kind khổng lồ Skin Soothing Facial Toner:

This is the second or third time I have purchased this toner because I’ve sầu found that my skin tolerates it really well.

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The toner comes in a green plastic bottle and to disperse the hàng hóa, I squeeze the bottle and it comes from the applicator on the top. I prefer this type of packaging lớn a spray toner, but sometimes I bởi tover to lớn accidently pour too much out onlớn the cotton pad, which wastes the product. Other than that, the packaging is pretty simple and fuss không lấy phí. The amount of toner you get in a bottle is 200ml, which I think is great, considering the very affordable price.


This toner is 100% alcohol miễn phí, which is great because alcohol can tkết thúc to dry the skin out. It also contains no perfume or fragrance, which makes it great for sensitive skin. I have sầu sensitive skin và I have found that this toner works fine on me. I like to use the toner after cleansing my skin và it definitely leaves it feeling very refreshed. However, I have not found that it does much in terms of reducing the appearance of my pores.

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I think that the immediate effects of this hàng hóa are a lot better than the long-term effects. I lượt thích using this toner solely because it leaves my skin feeling good, but I haven’t actually noticed any long-term benefits or any improvements lớn my skin. I still have acne scars & I still get spots, but I totally underst& that this sản phẩm has not been designed khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with those skin issues. So, if you are looking for a toner that has amazing skin benefits, this is not the toner, however if your skin is in need of hydration (especially since it is now winter and skin tends to lớn get more dry) then I think this toner is great!


On the website, one of the claims is that the toner removes the last traces of makeup and cleanser, but I would never use a toner to lớn vì that. A toner is not designed to remove sầu the last traces of makeup because a cleanser is designed lớn do that. If the toner removes traces of makeup after cleansing, it means your cleanser has not done a very good job! Also, a toner is not designed to remove sầu the last traces of cleanser and likewise, if there are still traces of cleanser remaining on your face, it means you haven’t washed the cleanser off properly! Although this toner does leave my skin feeling refreshed, I find that I still need khổng lồ use a moisturiser afterwards because my skin feels a little uncomfortable if I don’t moisturise.

Pros of sitive skin Kind khổng lồ Skin Soothing Facial Toner:

Affordable.Good for sensitive skin.Fragrance/perfume không tính phí.Leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

Cons of Simple Kind lớn Skin Soothing Facial Toner:

Doesn’t bởi vì much in improving skin appearance.No long-term skin benefits.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Simple Kind lớn Skin Soothing Facial Toner?

Yes, I’ve just repurchased another bottle!

Though, when this toner temporarily ran out, I used rose water as a substitute & it worked perfectly well, but I’m so used to using this toner that I just had to lớn repurchase it! However, I will also love khổng lồ try some other toners & I would love sầu lớn hear your suggestions!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be baông xã soon with another nhận xét for you all!

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