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SK-II,Review : SK-II Beauty essence - R.N.A power nguồn essence ,Cellumination aura essence,Whitening power spot specialist,Stempower essence
Hello , as a huge fans of brand SK-II , today i wanna tóm tắt my đánh giá of 4 beauty essence from the brand . So , here start with a group photo .

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Left to right Facial treatment essence ( holiday limited edition )1.Cellumination aura essence 2.Stempower essence 3.Radical New Age essence 4.Whitening power spot specialist *This not a product comparison , just i tóm tắt my reviews for these essence together . Those essence are create lớn suit different needs , so no point to lớn compare each other .So, my routine will be 1. Cleansing 2. Tone 3. SK-II Facial Treatment essence (SK-II signature sản phẩm , the big bottle on the left )4. SK-II essence ( those petite xinh tươi bottle , you can just pick one or layer up )5. Moisturizer First , Facial treatment essence with 90+/- percent of pitera . /although there are no research proven that our skin needs pitera , but my skin LOVE it . I"m so cheapskate at beginning stage , i pour a tiny amount on my palm và pat it with my fingertip . Hence , i can"t get the miracle well . So i went back lớn the counter and get advice from my beauty assistance . She told me we need generous amount of essence ( that why they selling such big bottle ) . Either you apply a few times ( because in may fall down between our finger tips if you get a lot ) or with a cotton pad .I found the best way (for me ) is apply with cotton , it can soften và remove my dead skin cell at the same time . Daub cốt tông with few pumps of facial treatment essence , and pat it in . REMEMBER is pat in the essence , not wipe off

*Use Facial treatment essence before any other serum will boost up the effectiveness First , texture of all the beauty essence

All essence are fit out with a dropper, you can drip the liquid directly khổng lồ your face or on your palm .

1.Whitening nguồn spot specialist Translucent liquidity ,spread easily, absorb very well and left no stickiness . Fragrance không tính tiền 2.Cellumination aura essence white liquidity , contain pearl shine shimmer . Having the strongest fragrance among all ,smell wonderfully . Absorb quickly and left a thin layer on the top , not greasy but look glowing (maybe the reflect of the shimmer)3.Stempower essenceTransparent liquidity , can feel the silicone mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa while i spread on . Take a minute khổng lồ absorb , left a thin silk silicone layer 4.RNA power nguồn (radical new age ) essence The new sản phẩm to replace stempower essence (3), Milky texture, no silicone feel lượt thích before .smell pleasant và not overpowering . Absorb quickly too , leave skin a very comfortable moisture feeling.

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1. đánh giá : Stempower essenceThis is a anti-aging essence , focus on boosting skin’s inner resilience¹ and create bouncy, poreless looking skin.This is the first hàng hóa from SK-II that i purchase , even before their anh hùng product Facial treatment essence . That time i was struggle with my big pore around my nose , i always get oily nose and enlarge pore even indoor (malaysia is hot , very hot as always ).I found stempower essence helps to minimize my pore kích thước , slightly . Và the most effect that i get is my pore are more youthful, My pores shrink back faster when i move on from hot place khổng lồ cooler place .And i can always feel my pore are more elastic và feel springy .The downside is this hàng hóa contain too much silicone (other essence have it too but this just too much ) . It feel good while you touch your face but my skin don"t need it*Discontinued product , replace with R.N.A nguồn essence
2.Review : R.N.A power nguồn (radical new age ) essenceNew R.N.A power ESSENCE brings you the next cấp độ of firmness - lengthwise-crosswise firmness - for a poreless, plump skin with a fresh morning glow.
This is new hàng hóa from SK-II lớn replace stempower essence (above ), so it is a anti aging essence too . But don"t worry SK-II R.N.A power series doesn"t feel heavy like what you think anti aging product will be . It still feel silky smooth like previous version but with milky moisture touch , not silicone . And is not too heavy , just light & hydrate enough . Excellent to use under cosplay .I love it even more than previous version , so SK-II really did a great job lớn upgrade this range . My skin more youthful , bouncy , & well hydrate after i switch khổng lồ R.N.A power essence .If you looking the first beauty essence in SK-II (other than facial treatment essence) i highly recommend R.N.A power essence .It suitable for all age range and all skin type .
3.Cellumination Aura essenceThis extraordinary brightening serum containing SK-II’s chất lượng whitening complex Soft Aura white Cocktail with Pitera™, brightens and evens out your skin tone lớn give it an aura-like glow, as if skin is illuminated from within*. Drop by drop, skin gets brighter và more radiant.This is a brightening essence , not whitening . Helps skin shine like pearl và not just pale trắng , create aura luminosity and glowing lượt thích Korean artist . The essence contain some pearl multi-color shimmer , strong fragrance smell ,which i don"t lượt thích . So , it did hydrate my skin , but i can"t get much brightening and glowing results( maybe a tiny little bit , but i think it because the reflect of the shimmer ). This essence is not needed for my skin , according khổng lồ beauty assistance in SK-II counter .But i still buy it because i wish to lớn try .My friend lượt thích it very much because it helps a lot khổng lồ reduce acne scarring . So it very depending , it doesn"t work for my skin but other likes it very much . So if you can"t decide which essence you want khổng lồ buy , try Magic Ring scanner that located in every SK-ii counter and listen the advice from expertise .I won"t spend RM 500 for serum that only helps hydrate, there are many choices in the market, so this will be my first & last bottle Cellumination aura essence .
4.Whitening power spot specialistThe potent formula contains a chất lượng SK-II skin whitening complex, ‘Ultimate Spots Corrector’ that sinks into the deep layers* of your skin. Regulates melanin production at the source, preventing spots even before they appear. Appearance of existing dark spots is reduced.I put this last because i LOVE the most .I use to lớn fade out my spots that stay on top of my face for a few years (impossible to make it totally disappear , but i wish to make it lighter and less noticeable )I got my two coin kích thước spot at my cheek bone , this is common at my family because we born with pale skin, và another fatal is because i didn"t apply sunscreen properly before. Because i have notice some other dark spot are khung underneath of the skin( according SK-II Magic ring scanner ) , so i will apply one pump for existing spot that already show up on my cheek bone , and layer up another pump for entire face .
My spots still with me but less noticeable ( after 2 bottle ) . This is the most effective whitening essence that i try ,spots tone down 2 shade at least , additional it feel comfortable lớn apply and not drying . So i will keep using this until i boring , haha So here the kết thúc , I will giới thiệu my review for all SK-II UV protection next . Thanks =)
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