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While I was in California for my cousin"s wedding, I got a chance lớn stop by my very first visit khổng lồ a U.S.-based Skinfood location. To my surprise, it looked very similar lớn the stores they have in Seoul, right down khổng lồ the baker-inspired employee uniforms. The location was spacious, with almost all of their products were available for purchase. This is, unfortunately, not the norm, as most of the Korean beauty shops in the U.S. (in New York at least!) are cramped và don"t come cthảm bại khổng lồ the Seoul shopping experience. After spending years in Korea with so many fun beauty shops at my fingertips, I definitely took them for granted!


Every single time I heard the Egg White Pore Foam cleanser mentioned, the reviews were always pretty glowing. I"m a sucker for gentle cleansing products và I have sầu had a good experience with Skinfood cleansers so far. I eagerly picked up a bottle of the Egg White Pore Foam cleanser after a commenter mentioned it on the Klog.

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An Awesome Duo!
My recent double cleansing routine consists of the Laneige Multi Cleanser (available exclusively at Target), which contains tiny exfoliants and makeup removing power. Next, I follow up with the Egg White Pore Foam Cleanser as my second cleanse. (In the mornings, I go straight khổng lồ the Egg White Pore Foam Cleanser because it isn"t necessary lớn double cleanse or exfoliate at the beginning of the day.)
If you have sầu been following me since the beginning, you know I have sầu very high standards for my cleansers because I consider it one of the key steps in maintaining a blemish-miễn phí face. Rule of thumb: If you spover 20 minutes putting on your face in the morning, you should also spover an equal amount of time gently cleansing it off. 
That being said, I was thrilled when the Egg White Pore Foam cleanser made my skin feel soft (no tightness surprisingly, despite the fact that it contains egg whites) và left no annoying residue behind. As an added bonus, I only needed a tiny pea sized amount and it foamed up perfectly on my face!
So here is what I learned about egg whites: They contain a lot of amino acids, which help cleanse pores while healing & nourishing skin. Amino acids are a natural way khổng lồ restore your skin. They also heal skin that has been damaged by environmental stressors (such as UV rays và toxins) while helping to enhance collagen in the skin to lớn fight signs of aging. I also looked inlớn what CosDNA (an invaluable resource for skincare fanatics, by the way!) had to say about the ingredients in the Egg White Pure Foam Cleanser, and it looks lượt thích this hàng hóa has low khổng lồ no risks for acne or irritants.

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Once again, I have sầu Skinfood to thank for an amazing addition to my cleansing routine. Seeing the Skinfood store at Irvine Spectrum made me realize how far Korean beauty brands have come overseas. This br& is already incredibly popular in Asia, & seeing it succeed in such a big way is really exciting to see!

"I just started using this water based cleanser both morning và night & I have lớn say it definitely does wonders lớn my skin. My face feels so soft and smooth. In addition, my face has brighten up a bit. It is not harsh on my skin & there is not much of smell lớn it. I would totally recommend! A little goes a long way." - Alyssa C

"I love sầu this cleanser. This is the second time I’ve sầu bought it, and I don’t think I’ll ever switch lớn anything else. It foams up really well, cleans my face really well, và doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry afterwards. I also have sầu sensitive sầu, acne-prone skin, and this cleanser doesn’t irritate it at all." - Lauren C

"I lượt thích lớn be able to apply a sản phẩm khổng lồ my face and work it in and then wipe off with a washrag as I HATE holding my face over a sink and having to cchiến bại my eyes & quickly rub my hands all over my face và then splash with water to clean. With this hàng hóa I only have to use a small amount that I can apply to lớn my face like a cream và then add a little water & it turns into lớn a foam that I love sầu !! The foam action allows me to lớn work it inlớn my face and then wipe clean with a wash cloth. It cleans sooo much better because I am able to work it inkhổng lồ my pores & get a deep clean. My face feels soooo much cleaner with this product. I also have sầu rosacea and this product does not aggravate it but actually soothes & calms the redness. I generally have normal skin but the rosacea tends khổng lồ cause it to be more dry. I also love the fact that it is VERY reasonably priced!! Nothing makes me happier than getting a GREAT product for a GREAT price :)" - Amber B

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