While I was ordering my Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint from Jolse, I thought that maybe I should get another oil based tint và somehow compare the two together. Not the best examples for comparison since they are completely different but I’m still really glad I got this.

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I know that lately when I’m reviewing any lip product, I tend to lớn love them (except Peri’s Cushion Lips) but I have my reasons. I’ve never been into lipsticks or anything lượt thích that since they never lasted but then I found out about lip tints và my whole makeup routine changed. So there, that’s how my obsession with lip products started, I just happen lớn get products that work out for my lips.

Now let’s stop talking about unimportant things và instead get to the review.


Same as Aritaum tint, this doesn’t come with any box, sadly, the box could have been so pretty on my shelf.

I’d say the packaging is similar khổng lồ Volume Up Oil Tint since they both have chrome finish. But Aritaum is bigger & silver with white letters. Skinfood is gold with letters in colour that represents the shade you choose. I chose the shade CR01 Peach Syrup so my letters are coral shade. I slowly migrated from pinkish tones to coral ones, I feel like they suit me much better.


The applicator is fuzzy & has a really good shape. It’s easy to lớn get in every corner of your lips with it, also thanks to how it’s bent. The hole in the middle prevents using too much product at once.



To start with the main claim, being a tint, it is not a tint. It doesn’t leave any tint on your lips, it’s more of a lip gloss in my opinion. It’s very moisturizingglossy, a little sticky as well so your hair might stick to lớn it.

Since it doesn’t leave any tint, it’s not very long lasting. It lasts as long as you don’t cảm biến it. Lượt thích if you drink or eat something, it will go away. That’s a big con in my opinion. It says tint but it has absolute no tint. Well, there is a slight tint but that goes away in a minute. It doesn’t settle into any dry patches, thank goodness!

It’s not heavily pigmented as Aritaum which I lượt thích since, as I said in the Aritaum review, I don’t think bold lips suit me very well. This is settle & it looks beautiful even when it’s full coverage on my lips.

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The smell is very pleasant. It smells like some grapefruit candy. It’s so beautiful.

Official swatches


As you can see from my and the official swatches, the colour (CR01) is completely different. It’s more pinkish than on their swatches. That might as well be because of the undertone of my lips (they’re really pink) and my complexion (neutral). However the colour is very beautiful. I personally think it suits me very well and I’m really glad I chose this shade và not the RE01 which I originally wanted.

Here’s a comparison with the Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint.



I love this. Even tho it leaves no stain (which is a huge con for me since that’s exactly what I want from my tints) it still is one of the most beautiful colours I own. I have pretty dry lips so this helps a little. & I don’t mind reapplying it either. So a huge thumbs up for me.

I recommend this lớn everyone who likes something more moisturizing & settle. This lip oil will be perfect for you.

You can get your own on Jolse*.

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