Soạn anh 8 review 1


Phần ôn tập 1 giúp cho bạn học luyện tập lại một lần tiếp nữa về phần vạc âm, từ vựng, ngữ pháp và bí quyết sử dụng những kiến thức đó. Bài viết cung cấp hướng dẫn cũng tương tự gợi ý giải pháp giải bài bác tập trong sách giáo khoa.



1. Listen và repeat the following words and phrases.

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spaceshiptoothbrushEnglish practiceblowpresencecolourful clothingriskybloomBrau peoplestamp collecting

2. Listen to lớn the sentences and underline the words with /sk/, /sp/, /st/, /br/, /pr/, /bl/, and /cl/ in the following sentences. Then read the sentences aloud.

1. I used to climb trees when I was small.2. How can we improve our speaking skills?3. How annoying, the stadium has closed!4. I want to lớn buy a blue skirt for my mother.5. ‘On a dark day, I saw a witch riding a broom in the sky...’


3. Organise these words & phrases into pairs of opposites và write them in the blanks.

peaceful hard boring forget traditional easy love modern noisy đô thị life majority hate country life minority remember exciting

peaceful >love >traditional >boring >

4. Put a verb in the correct khung in each gap khổng lồ complete the sentences.

1. Duong doesn’t_______ like / enjoy ________playing football. He enjoys_______ listening ________tomusic or________ visiting _______museums more.2. Don’t_______ forget ________to lock the door before you go lớn bed, Quan.3. Children in this village love _______ flying/ lớn fly ________kites on summer afternoons.4. My sister doesn’t _______ mind ________cooking, but she hates________ doing/ to do _______the washing up after meals.5. The Hmong boys like_______ playing/ khổng lồ play ________ the gamedanh quayin spring.

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5. Complete the sentences with the correct comparative size of adverbs from the adjectives in brackets.

1. On Saturday night we may stay up____ later ______than usual.(late)2. In his không lấy phí time, Linh enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles_____ more carefully _____than anything else.(much)3. We speak English_______ more fluently ________now than last year.(fluent)4. You should buy the blue sweater. It suits you_____ better _____than the red one.(good)5. Ethnic people in the mountainous regions live______ more simply ______than people in the city.(simple)6. Everyone in the race ran fast, but John ran____ faster ______than all the others.(fast)7. If you write_______more carefully________, you will make fewer mistakes.(careful)


6. Fill each blank with an article (a, an, or the) to lớn complete the passage.

If you are tired of your busy and noisy city life, at the weekend you can go to (1)__a___green và peaceful place with friendly people in the Mekong region. Most of Viet Nam’s rice is grown here. You will have(2)__an___opportunity to enjoy the beauty of typical Southern Vietnamese countryside và (3)___the__view of immense rice paddies, coconut plantations and beautiful rivers.(4)__the___Mekong Delta is also famous for its fascinating floating markets and fruit orchards where you can taste delicious local fruits especially(5)__the___dragon fruit. It will be(6) ___an__special treat for you!

Everyday English

7. Match the sentences in A with those in B. Then practise with a friend.


1. Small children in my village often climb that hill & swim in this river2. It is true that there are busy floating markets on the rivers in the Mekong region?3. I’m sure you will love this new cartoon4. Flying kites is very exciting, but we can never vì this in the city5. My dad enjoys doing D.I.Y. He made this dining table set