Compared lớn the other earbuds in the demo that also have sầu a collar, you cannot help but notice how big the XB70B is. The battery & electronics boxes at the ends of the neck collar are twice the kích thước of certain competitors. Despite this, the battery life is not better, quite the opposite. It also makes the nechồng collar thick so it is quite noticeable that you have sầu something around your nechồng. The cords of the earbuds are long, and they hang far down when not being used.

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Thanks to NFC capability you can easily connect them with your phone. However, the handling is not as easy, since the buttons on the collar are hard to find with your fingers. The earbuds are quite lightweight though, và thanks to lớn the angled shape they sit comfortably in the ear. The silicone tips come in four sizes, but some size of storage for transport is not included.

This Mã Sản Phẩm is part of Sony’s “Extra Bass” assortment, & it is therefore no surprise that they have a thundering bass. It’s certainly entertaining when listening khổng lồ certain genres, but it dominates so much that other genres almost become annoying to lớn listen to lớn. It’s too bad, because the sound is otherwise warm, appealing & quite charming. If you listen at a low volume, you notice a rather prominent background noise that might become irritating.

Sony’s earbuds can be obtained in multiple colours.


We tkết thúc to associate Sony with smart solutions, neat designs and the lakiểm tra công nghệ. We almost wondered if XB70BT was really made by someone else. The earbuds are large & cumbersome, và gives the impression of anything but elegance. Despite this, battery time is far from the best. The last straw is nonetheless the sound, with the thundering bass drowning out nearly everything, making sure that only real bass buffs will be interested. But even then there are options with better sound.

Urbanears Jakan

Uncomfortable and boxy

Even though everything else was perfect, the uncomfortable shape tipped the scales.

Available in five sầu sober colours. Decorative around the neck. Good battery life.
Large ear pieces that are unpleasant in the ear. Mediocre sound quality.
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Supra Nero-X

More sporty and affordable

The low budget alternative to the award-winning Nitro-X is better for workouts and still sounds good.

Good battery life và rapid charging. Robust. Excellent sound chất lượng.
Not as comfortable as its predecessor.
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Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Entertaining bass cannon

If you want the right heavy bass without completely destroying the music, Shadow is the answer.

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Practical & lightweight earbuds. Easy handling. Powerful, but not indiscriminate bass.
Unrefined sound for acoustic music. Battery life is mediocre. No storage bag.
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RHA MA650 Wireless

Neat and appealing

Practical earbuds where the sound is as attractive as the luxurious exterior.

Comfortable thanks lớn the selection of ear tips. Nice and sturdy. Clear sound.
A little harsh in the upper range. A certain amount of listening fatigue may occur.
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Jays A-six Wireless

Large bass in small packaging

For the bass buff, they are a bargain, but they are less suited for a varied music taste.

Excellent battery life. Lightweight & comfortable lớn wear. Surprisingly precise & heavy bass.
Bulky battery on the wire. The bass dominates in slower music.
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Marley Uplift 2 Wireless

Environmentally friendly but dull

An alternative for the one who wants to lớn sit baông chồng with light music và a good conscience.

Manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. Good battery life. Balanced sound without exaggerations.

OnePlus Bullet Wireless

Magical first attempt

OnePlus does everything right with Bullet Wireless, their first wireless earbuds.

USB-C rapid charge. A certain water robustness. Engaging sound with few errors.
The sound becomes slightly strained at high volume.
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Audiofly AF45W

Nice and bass heavy

Gorgeous earbuds with rock-hard bass, but disappointing battery life và treble.