Sony Xperia Xz Premium Review: Ultra Slow


But even though the Prime Video tiện ích had a section dedicated khổng lồ nội dung in 4K & HDR, I could never get it to stream in anything but1080p and standard dynamic range. Trying to tải về the nội dung for offline viewing wouldn’t let me save in 4K/HDR, even though the on-screen prompt offered me the choice of ‘Best’ chất lượng where 1 hour of nội dung would raông chồng up more than 6GB of storage. Even when selecting this, content would still download at 1080p and actually only require a fraction over 1GB of storage space.

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Diving into lớn the settings menu & opting for ‘Best’ chất lượng downloads without a prompt still didn’t force 4K downloads. Needless lớn say, it’s still not quite ready. Still, the almost ridiculous 807ppi pixel mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of the screen made light work of showing off my own 4K, non-HDR nội dung shot on a GoPro Hero 5 Blaông xã.

Wistfully watching baông xã old holiday videos, the colours popped from the IPS Triluminos 5.5-inch display và videos looked sharp. As a phone that supports the HDR standard this means a high top-màn chơi brightness, which, even when not displaying HDR content, is still useful for visibility on a bright day outdoors.

Since Sony hasn’t departed from a more conventional 16:9 aspect ratio, the Xperia XZ Premium’s display doesn’t need lớn use blaông chồng bars to display apps & videos properly, which is the case on the LG G6 & Samsung Galaxy S8.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Design

While other manufacturers have sầu long moved on khổng lồ curved edges & rounded corners, Sony has stuchồng with the same industrial thiết kế for its Xperia phones. Put this phone next to the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 or newly revealed Điện thoại HTC U11, và it feels lượt thích a relic.

The thichồng bezels – top và bottom – look dated now, especially next to the bezel-less Galaxy S8, và leave the Xperia XZ Premium feeling just plain boring. You’d be forgiven for not even realising that this is Sony’s latest flagship.

There’s a choice of Deepsea Black, which is the model I was sent in for review, & Luminous Chrome, which is super-shiny và reflective sầu.


The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is probably one of the most uncomfortable phones I’ve held in some time, exacerbated by its large physical kích cỡ. Attempt to lớn use it one-handed, và you’ll find the corners dig inlớn your palm awkwardly; the top of the screen will be unreachable for anyone without the largest of hands. Every time I reach inkhổng lồ my pocket to lớn grab the phone, my hvà is met by a sharp corner.

Following a few weeks of use, I’ve sầu come khổng lồ realise that the actual construction of the phone leaves a lot lớn be desired.

Suitably premium materials have been used here, such as glass on the front và baông chồng, with Gorilla Glass 5 adding some robustness khổng lồ the screen. However, under cthua trận inspection I can see lots of micro-scratches on the front & plenty more on the rear.

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The glass rear is incredibly slippery. I’ve sầu lost count of the times the phone has gradually slid off what I assumed was a horizontal surface. Even the slighthử nghiệm angle will cause the phone khổng lồ slide.

My desk at home is one of those space-saving flip-up desks, which I assume isn’t perfectly cấp độ when flipped down; the phone has fallen off it countless times. I haven’t encountered such issues with any other handset I’ve sầu used.

Train tray tables have sầu also posed a problem; the phone even fell off the top of a cup on which I’d casually decided lớn rest it without any thought.

The Xperia XZ premium is also an extreme fingerprint magnet, looking smudged và greasy practically all the time – unless you obsessively wipe it down.


The edge of the phone is plastic, which is a sensible move sầu in terms of rigidity, but it feels cheap. You’ll find a volume rocker along the right-hand side along with a recessed power button that houses a discreet fingerprint scanner in the style of Sony’s previous flagship phones.

It was generally quiông chồng to respond, although not quite as snappy as the fastest standard front or rear fingerprint scanners, perhaps due to having a much smaller surface area on which to lớn take a reading. There isn’t much in it, though, and I didn’t experience any problems unlocking the phone – plus it does make for a more elegant approach.

If you like viewing at-a-glance information from your lockscreen, you might have lớn get used to lớn pressing the volume button to wake the screen because pressing the power button with a registered finger will just unloông chồng the phone, bypassing the lockscreen altogether.


Look to lớn the bottom of the phone và you’ll find a USB-C port for charging with a 3.5mm jack on the top. There are two schools of thought here, và I’m of those who believe sầu a tai nghe jack is better placed on the bottom of a handset, but at least wired headphones are an option here without an adapter.

The Xperia XZ Premium is at least IP68 rated, meaning it can withstvà being submerged in water khổng lồ depths of 1.5m for 30 minutes, which is always a welcome and useful feature.