Sony xperia z5 premium dual review: 4k is not ok

Pros First điện thoại thông minh in the world with a 4K screen Stereo front firing speakers Top-tier computing innards 23MP.. primary camera Finger scanner Water và dust resistant Commendable battery life

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A single hvà holds 8.3 million pixels. This is what makes the Xperia Z5 Premium, the recent flagship from Sony, one of a kind.

Understanding the feat requires a quiông xã study of the television market. Full HD televisions have sầu 2.07 million pixels with screens as large as 55-inches. Sony’s điện thoại thông minh has four times as many & its screen measures 5.5-inches.

Crammed inlớn every inch is 801 pixels — almost twice as many as Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus. Packing more pixels closer together paves the way for photos, videos & games that are clearer. Hold the Z5 Premium cthua thảm & you cannot see the individual blocks that 3D an image.

Sony is the first company in the world khổng lồ take the emerging 4K television công nghệ and plant it inkhổng lồ a smartphone. Debate surrounds the validity of 4K technology; how will ordinary content look on the pixel-rich screen & what will happen to the phone’s battery life?

Many of the display technologies found in the Z5 Premium hail from Sony’s television department. The lineage between this điện thoại thông minh và the company’s $12,000 flagship television are undeniable. Both have sầu deep black displays, Sony’s proprietary suite of imaging technologies and upscaling engines.

Watching the 4K movie TimeScapes on the Xperia Z5 Premium. Placed discretely on either side of the Z5 Premium are front-firing stereo speakers

The problem with 4K televisions has to vì chưng with the laông xã of content supporting the standard. Most manufacturers try to improve the chất lượng of the nội dung available by using upscaling engines, but like rubber bands that have sầu been stretched too far, the resulting image often looks as though it is tearing on a large enough screen.

None of this happens on the Xperia Z5 Premium. The size of its 5.5-inch screen is too small for any artifacts lớn be visible once the upscaling engine has done its work. Ordinary high definition movies và games appear organic, as though they were 4K by kiến thiết, và then there’s the time you load the Z5 Premium’s microSD thẻ with a 4K movie.

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TimeScapes is a 9.7GB movie recorded in the same 3840x2160 resolution as the smartphone"s display. Watching it on the smartphone brings about a sense of appreciation for what Sony has accomplished. It’s as though you’re staring at a high quality phokhổng lồ, only better, because a backlight imbues it with a gentle glow.

All that is left is the matter of battery life. Screens dem& the most from a smartphone’s battery, & increasing the resolution makes them more energy intensive. Sony’s response to this quandary involves increasing the battery’s capađô thị và refining the smartphone’s economy.

Integrated inlớn the Z5 Premium is a large 3430 milliamp-hour battery. During our seven days of testing, with the energy saving mode enabled, the Xperia Z5 Premium averaged more than a day’s charge at 26 hours. Watching a 4K movie with the brightness amped lớn max would deplete the battery much quicker, but the Z5 Premium can be used as an ordinary điện thoại thông minh throughout the course of a day — easily.

And this is the prevalent theme of Sony’s flagship: it is a cutting edge smartphone seemingly miễn phí from compromise.

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Taken with the primary camera of the Xperia Z5 Premium at 20MP
Taken with the primary camera of the Xperia Z5 Premium at 20MP

The camera is case và point. The Z5 Premium adorns a brand new 23 megapx camera fluent in 4K video recording. Autofocusing happens in 0.03 seconds, and although digital imaging stabilisation is used when recording videos, it’s incredibly effective sầu at ironing out bumps.

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This is the same camera found in Z5 và the Z5 Compact & it can compete against the best from Samsung and Apple, only unlượt thích those phones, it doesn’t deface the smartphone’s kiến thiết because it rests flush on its bachồng.

Sony’s take on the camera is divisive. Take a phokhổng lồ using any smartphone in the Z5 range & it’ll capture the scene as it is. Dark scenes are not artificially lightened, whereas some rivals, think the LG G4 & iPhone 6s, will manipulate photos lớn make them picturesque. The difference between the resulting photos is noticeable. Neither is technically better than the other; it all boils down lớn individual taste.

Powering the smartphone is a Snaprồng 810 chipmix with two quad-core CPUs, one running at 2.0GHz & another at 1.5GHz. Shared between it và an Adreno 430 GPU is 3GB of RAM, while the smartphone’s 32GB of internal storage can be expanded with microSD cards up khổng lồ 2TB in size.

This configuration is ahy vọng the most powerful, with 3DMark’s Ice Storm Unlimited benchmarking thử nghiệm awarding a top score of 26,929, which is behind only Apple’s iPhone 6s, và ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 & Smartphone HTC One (M9).

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The điện thoại thông minh supports Cat6 LTE networks with a theoretical maximum tải về speeds of 300Mbps. Popping in a Telstra SIM and running a speeddemo in our North Sydney office returned maximum download speeds of 62Mbps & upload speeds of 22Mbps. Downloading a 1-gigabyte tệp tin at this rate would take 2 minutes and 18 seconds.


Buying an Xperia branded phone comes with certain guarantees và one of them has khổng lồ vày with its tough credentials. The Z5 Premium has earned IP65/68 ratings, which certify it is resistant khổng lồ dust & that it can withstand water up khổng lồ 150cm deep for thirty minutes. These certifications are guidelines; an indication of what Xperia smartphones can vì chưng under controlled conditions.

The real value of a water resistant phone is it affords peace of mind. There’s no need khổng lồ worry about raindrops, spills or wet hands. Wash it clean, dry it up and it’s good lớn go.

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Sony’s Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact are better smartphones for having water resistant credentials, but the Z5 Premium is not. Sony’s Xperia range has all modelled the same kiến thiết language since the original Z, launched in 2013, because in order for them to be waterproof, they need to be hermetically sealed.

There’s nothing wrong with the design of the Xperia Z5 Premium other than it is pushing three years old. Good kiến thiết matters. It is the one thing that allows giải pháp công nghệ to appeal khổng lồ human emotions.

This is the first Sony smartphone which Samsung, Điện thoại HTC, LG & Apple are chasing. It is the first smartphone in the world to lớn take young 4K công nghệ & implant it, practically, into a phone. This is Sony’s moment, the company has arrived, và its impact has been discounted by making the Z5 Premium look little different lớn some of Sony’s cheapest phones.

Introduced khổng lồ the range is a finger scanner. Using it feels natural because its location — under the power button on the smartphone’s side — is an extension of how it would be held. A single press is all it takes khổng lồ wake it from standby & unlochồng the phone.
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