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Purified lactic acid is a strong exfoliant that quickly promotes cell turnover và clarifies skin, ridding it of dull skin cells that clog pores. The result is fresh baby skin the likes of which you haven"t seen in a very long time.

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Licorice visibly reduces the look of dark spots & discoloration or melasma, resulting in even-toned, bright skin; lemongrass oil acts as a refreshing astringent and gives it a distinct smell; and prickly pear extract works to lớn soothe và nourish skin.

I spoke to Dr. Y. Claire Chang of Union Square tia laze Dermatology about the benefits of lactic acid, và she helped make sense of why this specific alpha-hydroxy acid has multiple benefits for skin. She said that "lactic acid, like other AHAs, dissolves the bonds between the top layer of skin cells, helping to exfoliate the dead skin cells. It also has the added benefit of adding moisture inlớn the skin to keep it hydrated và plump." She also explained that the reason why it causes less irritation và sensitivity than other AHAs like glycolic acid is that "it is a larger molecule và works primarily on the skin surface," so it"s able khổng lồ target aging skin — including dark spots và fine lines — without sinking too deep and causing as much irritation.

My personal experience using Good Genes

I prefer khổng lồ use Good Genes in the evening as part of my nighttime routine. That said, it is safe lớn use during the day if one prefers. Regardless of when you use it, it"s absolutely imperative sầu that you remember to use SPF during the day since the ingredients in Good Genes can increase your sensitivity khổng lồ UV rays.

Within just a few days of using Good Genes, my skin was clearly improving. It all but eradicated the small face mask- & stress-related breakouts on my cheeks, along with evening out my complexion as a whole. I tover to lớn have redness around my nose & the beginnings of dark spots on my cheekbones, and within a week there was a noticeable improvement. I even received multiple comments on my skin via Zoom , which has to be a testament to the clear improvement. My face is smoother và softer to the touch và is almost at glass-skin levels. There is, unfortunately for my bank account, no turning back.

Considerations for those with sensitive skin:

If you have very sensitive or dry skin, you can use it as a mask as opposed to lớn a leave-on treatment. Simply apply for 15 minutes lượt thích you would any mask and then wash it off before doing the rest of your skincare routine. If you"re going to use it as a night treatment, you can use it on top of other serums or Sunday Riley"s popular Lumãng cầu Sleeping Night Oil, và before your moisturizer. While one usually layers oil on after a serum và moisturizer, in the case of Lumãng cầu Oil specifically, you want khổng lồ use that before Good Genes & moisturizer.

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Considerations for those with oily skin:

People with oily or combination skin may not even need to lớn moisturize at all after using Good Genes. I find that I only need khổng lồ layer on a light moisturizer and I"m good khổng lồ go, though I"ve been known to lớn skip it if it"s a particularly humid evening.

How Good Genes mixes with other products and what to lớn avoid

I bởi vì occasionally use prescription creams and other products with active ingredients & wanted lớn make sure that there would be no interference or adverse reactions. Dr. Chang cautioned against using other harsh or irritating products, including AHAs & BHAs, in conjunction with Good Genes. "I would be cautious when using lactic acid with retinols, benzoyl peroxide, và other possibly irritating products," she said.

Cons to consider



Despite the fact that the price mysteriously dropped a few months ago, Good Genes remains extremely expensive. It"s definitely a luxury skincare hàng hóa & the price tag reflects that.

More importantly, even though it"s incredibly popular, Good Genes is not necessarily for everyone. Dr. Chang explained that anyone with sensitive skin should be very cautious while trying Good Genes, và stressed the importance of spot testing before applying it lớn your entire face. She mentions that, "if your skin is red, irritated or inflamed, you may want to avoid using lactic acid or other exfoliant-containing products until your skin is healed. Anyone with a known allergy lớn lactic acid should avoid this product."

Lastly, while this is not about the hàng hóa itself, it could shape how you view the brand itself.

In the fall of 2019, Sunday Riley settled a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission after having been accused of falsifying Reviews on Sephora"s trang web. Based on information from a whistleblower, the FTC claimed that the founder, Ms. Sunday Riley herself, asked staff to lớn leave sầu five-star Đánh Giá on products lượt thích Good Genes và khổng lồ "dislike" negative Review. As part of the settlement, the company agreed khổng lồ not engage in illegal posting moving forward but did not have to admit khổng lồ any wrongdoing. This was especially shocking considering Good Genes & the rest of the Sunday Riley lineup have sầu always been top shelf by beauty lovers.

The bottom line

I"ve sầu been using Good Genes for over three weeks now & am amazed at how quickly it changed the overall look of my skin. It"s healthier và smoother than it has been in years, và knowing that I have such a powerful tool in my beauty kit has helped me simplify the rest of my routine as a whole.

With Good Genes doing the heavy lifting, there"s no need to lớn pile on an excessive amount of products every morning & night. So while it does have sầu a hefty price tag, it more or less evens out since my skin requires less overall maintenance.