Responding to nhận xét is one of the most important things a brvà can vì chưng to improve sầu its reputation & local SEO rankings. But responding lớn Reviews doesn’t have sầu to lớn take hours. Creating templates can help streamline your review responding process by helping you respond lớn more Reviews in less time. To get you started, here are 10 Đánh Giá response templates you can use right now.Bạn vẫn xem: How to respond to positive sầu reviews?

How To Write reviews Response Templates

When creating online nhận xét response templates there are some general guidelines you’ll want to follow:

How lớn Respond to lớn Positive sầu Reviews:

Thank the customerGet specificEntice them khổng lồ come back

 How to lớn Respond lớn Negative Reviews:

Apologize & thank them for their feedbackRespond appropriatelyInvite the conversation offlineKeep it short & sweet

review Response Template Best Practices:

Keep your br& voice consistent.Rotate your templates.Include tương tác information.Templates don’t work for every đánh giá – when in doubt, write it out.

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Template #1: How lớn Respond khổng lồ the No Text Review


The easiest Review response template khổng lồ start with is for “no-text” Đánh Giá. Most Review sites require users to leave Reviews with text but some sites still allow users lớn leave sầu star-ratings only. Businesses should still respond to lớn these Đánh Giá which is why it’s helpful to have sầu a template at the ready. For no-text Đánh Giá you can streamline your process even further by using victalvà.com.vn’s bulk responding tool.

Positive sầu Reviews Response:

Hi ,

Thank you for the 5-stars! Hope to lớn see you again soon!

Negative review Response:

Hi ,

Sorry lớn hear your experience was less than 5-stars. If you’re open to lớn discussing your experience further, please call/email us at 888-888-8888/emailbrand.com. 

Template #2: How to Respond to đánh giá Without Much Information


Receiving a Đánh Giá without much context around the rating can be very frustrating. We suggest making some review response templates designed to lớn help get more information out of the customer. 

Positive sầu review Response:

Hi ,

We are happy to hear you had a positive sầu experience at ! We value your input and encourage you lớn let us know more details about your experience with us.

Negative Review Response:

Hi ,

We’re so sorry that your experience did not match your expectations. Please help us to lớn improve by providing more information on your experience. We can be reached at .

Template #3: How to Respond lớn nhận xét from Angry Customers


When dealing with Review from hostile customers the last thing you want khổng lồ do is go baông xã và forth with the customer online. Keep your response short and sweet, apologize, and take it offline immediately.

Suggested đánh giá Response:

Hello ,

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, và I would like to lớn personally assist you with making things right.

Let’s get on a call và address this ASAP, we value your business. Please tương tác us at when convenient.

Template #4: How khổng lồ Respond lớn Review From Raving Fans


There’s nothing better than receiving a glowing review from a raving bạn. Responding khổng lồ these fans really shows how much you value them as a customer. These are the same customers that are going to promote your br& to lớn friends & family. Show your fans how much you care by taking simple actions like responding lớn their review.

Suggested Reviews Response:

Hi ,

We are thrilled to have sầu you as part of the family! Thank you for sharing your kind words with us. It means the world to us & khổng lồ our entire team! We look forward lớn serving you again soon!

Template #5: How khổng lồ Respond khổng lồ nhận xét That Need a Solution


Sometimes people will leave sầu Reviews about a problem that can be easily resolved. In these situations, you want to lớn resolve sầu their issue as soon as possible. When brands respond to Reviews quickly enough, ⅓ of the people who leave sầu negative Reviews will go back and update their original Review khổng lồ a positive sầu one.

Suggested nhận xét Response:

Hello , 

Please reach out khổng lồ us directly at at your earliest convenience.

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Template #6: How to Respond lớn reviews About Great Customer Service

Customer service is a common topic in every industry. When the service is mentioned in a review, try one of these response templates.

Positive sầu đánh giá Response:

Hello ,

Thank you for the wonderful Reviews and for taking the time to lớn tóm tắt your feedbaông chồng with . Our priority is customer service & we are ecstatic that we met that mark! Kind folks lượt thích you make our job a pleasure.

Negative Review Response:

Hello ,

We’re sorry khổng lồ hear of your less than satisfactory experience and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. We are committed to lớn providing great customer service & we would lượt thích lớn make things right.

Please give us a khổng lồ determine how we can provide you with a solution. We value our customers’ opinions và would lượt thích khổng lồ thank you for bringing this lớn our attention.

Template #7: How lớn Respond to Local nhận xét from the Corporate Office

Many brands choose to lớn manage Review from a top-down approach. There’s no reason to lớn pretend that the nhận xét response isn’t coming from the corporate office but you should acknowledge the location that those review are referring to lớn – especially if you’re an enterprise brvà.

Suggested Review Response:

Hi !

Thank you for taking the time lớn give your feedbachồng. We really appreciate it. Looking forward khổng lồ seeing you at your local ! Please let us know about your future experiences.

Template #8: How to Respond to Reviews that need Extra Attention

Some đánh giá require extra attention from your customer tư vấn team. Create templates that let customers know how they can get in contact with that team. 

Suggested Đánh Giá Response:

Hi ,

Your Review is very concerning to us. We would appreciate it if you would liên hệ our customer care team by calling to speak with a customer care representative sầu about your recent experience.

Template #9: How to lớn Respond to lớn nhận xét with a Personal Response

It’s always best practice lớn let people know that your đánh giá response is coming from a real person. Here is a template that makes it easy to lớn add a personal touch in your response.

Suggested nhận xét Response:


Thank you so much for your review! The is one of my favorites as well! Next time, you should try our new it’s great during this time of year! –

Template #10: How lớn Respond to lớn Spam Reviews

Let’s face it, we’ve sầu all received kém chất lượng or spammy nhận xét before. Maybe they wrote something mean lượt thích this review, maybe it’s a bot leaving weird nhận xét – either way they were clearly never a customer. You want to lớn flag those reviews for removal but getting them removed can take some time. While you wait for removal, you might as well respond lớn assure people it’s not a real review.

Suggested Đánh Giá Response:


We can’t find any record of you in our system và your Đánh Giá violates policies so we have flagged your nhận xét for removal. If you have sầu any questions or concerns feel không tính tiền khổng lồ tương tác us at .

Bonus Template: How to lớn Respond to lớn reviews that Mention Team Members

Every now and then someone will include the name of an employee in their nhận xét. When this happens, it’s nice khổng lồ let them know that you will cốt truyện their feedbachồng with that employee. 

Suggested nhận xét Response:

Hi !

Thanks for leaving a reviews, & mentioning . You’re right, is always going above sầu & beyond. We’ll be sure to lớn tóm tắt your praises with them!

Creating reviews response templates is a great way khổng lồ gain brvà control of all your đánh giá responses & streamline your đánh giá management process. These templates are a great way khổng lồ get started but it’s always good lớn have a couple of different versions for each possible scenario. With giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn, users can store Reviews response templates và use merge codes to lớn make each template custom. Users can even use our rotating template function to reply lớn đánh giá in bulk. This comes extremely useful when responding to Reviews with no-text. Want khổng lồ see how it works? Schedule a test with one of our experts today!