The body toàn thân Shop “Drops of Youth” has some amazing products and in this post I am reviewing the Body siêu thị “Drops of Youth” Cream. This line is marketed as an anti ageing line và all of the products in this range have been developed using superior quality, stem cells from 3 extraordinary plants khổng lồ make the skin look visibly smoother, softer & younger.


People with concerns of fine lines, wrinkles and it contains stem cells from 3 resilient plants – Edelweiss from Italian Alps, Criste Marine và Sea Holly from the Brittany Coast renownded for their renewing và restructuring properties.

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Instantly: skin feels fresh, nourished, softer và appears smoother

Day after Day: pores và skin texture look refined, lines appear minimised, skin unveils và healthy luminosity and a youthful bounce.




The whole range of “Drops of Youth” has a colour theme of green and black based on their plant based ingredients và to signify evergreen skin. The packaging of the Youth Cream feels quite luxurious. It has a weight when you hold it in your hands as the toàn thân is made of glass. So, you have to be careful with handling this product.

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This product comes is a single kích cỡ of 50 ml và it costs SGD 52.90. It is definately on the pricier side so you might want to chạy thử out a sample before investing in it.


Before talking about the texture, I want lớn mention the fragrance. It is just amazing. The fragrance is so subtle yet so beautiful, very floral but not sweet. Its just a beautiful fragrance which makes the experience even better.

The cream has a very light whipped cream texture. It has a very soft cloudy texture và once applied it absorbs very quickly into the skin. I have dry skin and my skin feels instantly hydrated & supple. But inspite of being so hydrating, it doesn’t feel greasy. I usually use this under light makeup và the makeup goes on really nicely. I usually apply this morning & evening or whenever I feel lượt thích I want khổng lồ smell this.