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Hey everyone! Today I’m going to lớn post the nhận xét for one of the cushion foundations from The Face Shop. It took a long time for me to lớn try another base product from them because I got a bad break out from their BB creams before. I was supposed lớn post this đánh giá early this year but then suddenly, they repackaged their cushions & now we’ve got the Miracle Finish line. And yes, I’ve got the Oil Control type. 



A sebum controlling, matte cushion foundation for summer and oily skinTechnologyA “micro foam” which 4 times denser than usual polyurethane sponge1) A non-drying contents keep its moist-full contents2) Even application for non-clumping effect

Feature▶Sweatproof: Completed clinical demo. Strong against water, sebum và sweat▶Non-sticky: Completed clinical test.▶Sebum-controlling Formula: Blooming rose powder + Citrus unshiu peel extract

Main IngredientHydration : Water from Tasmanian, nước Australia + Italian Oxyren WaterSebum Controlling : Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract + Blooming Rose PowderLong Lasting : Skin Fit Cover Powder


The Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion from The Face Shop is my second cushion hàng hóa I’ve used. So my standards are pretty low and I was easily impressed by this. Anyway, as I’ve sầu mentioned above, the cushions have been repackaged. You can see from my photos down below the old & new compacts side by side.

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The “new” cushions now come in two kinds of colors, either blaông xã or White. To me, this looks more elegant now especially with the “Miracle Finish” biểu tượng logo on the front. Inside, it’s basically the same with the puff và well, the cushion part.


The puff provides adequate application over the skin and the sản phẩm settles inkhổng lồ a semi-matte finish. The coverage sits medium & easily builds up khổng lồ full with a second layer. After 6 hours, creasing starts lớn happen on the lines around the mouth. Another hour later, the product begins khổng lồ settle on some of the pores on my nose and cheeks.

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V203 (Natural Beige) is the shade I was matched lớn & I still bought the same shade with the “Miracle Finish”. I swatched both the old & new versions on my arm just so you can see for yourself if there are any shade differences. Is it just me or is new one lighter? Also, I think the new one is a closer match lớn my skin tone. Either way, they both blover well on my skin and they both keep my complexion shine-không tính tiền for at least 5 hours.

Now for the good news. I’m quite happy khổng lồ share with you that for the whole month of June, you may purchase The Face Shop cushions & at the same time, get a không tính tiền refill for only Php 1,095.


How bởi you lượt thích The Face Shop’s new cushions? What variant have you tried? Tell me all about it in the comments below.