Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill


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This book has been thebestseller for over 70 years & that became a good reason for me khổng lồ take it forreading. Whenever I used to google about the books that one should read before they die, this book used khổng lồ appear on the top of the list and hence I decided lớn read itas I wanted to kiểm tra if the book was overrated or its worth reading it.
As the title “Think & grow Rich” says, this book explains the reason why only few people aresuccessful và what all traits make them different from us. The author has explained money-makingsecrets by analyzing more than 500 wealthy men và women over a long year.Usually, we always see one side of the coin i.e. We only see the people"s Success andtheir achievements, but we forget lớn see the hard work & determination behindthose achievements. The author has briefly discussed about those hard works andwhat force made them lớn be persisted.
This bookdeals with the facts but not with fiction and its purpose being lớn convey a universaltruth all who are ready to learn. Napoleon explained step by step secret for making money.
The startingpoint of all achievements, a burning desire which made every impossible thingpossible. Desires mixed with persistence & purpose makes riches.
It was dueto burning desire only that Edwin C. Barnes wanted lớn become business associateof the great Edison whom he didn’t even know & didn’t have enough money toreach Orange, New Jersey. He was so determined that he finally decided lớn travelby “Blind -baggage” rather than defeated. These difficulties are enough for peoplelike us khổng lồ be discouraged & leave our dreams there itself, but Barnes difficultiesdidn’t over over here, but he faced all the challenges which were coming as hindranceto his goal.
Fix theexact amount of money.Determinewhat price you ready to give in exchange of this money.Define thedate when you want lớn posses this much amount of moneyCreate adefinite plan & start working on it immediately whether you are ready or not.Write it onpaper, the amount you want to lớn posses và read it regularly at night.
Onlydreaming will not help because this changed world requires practical dreamers, who can change dreams into action.
The subconsciousmind instantly picks the vibration of faith, it is one of the powerful emotionsamong all positive emotion. Faith is a state of mind which comes with the repetitionsof affirmations.
Repetitionof affirmation induces the emotion of faith to lớn your subconscious mind that willlead you to lớn the auto-suggestion state where you don’t need to voluntarilysuggest something lớn your infinite intelligence, but it will happen automatically.
Subconsciousmind doesn’t understand good or bad thoughts, but understands only vibrations, so, always be careful with your thought. Mishap will surely follow people who think negative.

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Have selfconfidence in yourself as self-doubt is the biggest mistake in our lives.Use word ofaffirmation, like, I can vị damn thing which I want, nobody can stop me ever.Repeat thosewords at night before you sleep.
Everyonethinks knowledge is power, but not in every field. If you are champ in your fieldand even if you are aware of many small things then also it is totally fine butvice versa is of no use.
Prepare aplan for specialization in your field unlike of school/ college educationsystem where everything has been fed khổng lồ the student even the ones of no use.
Any smallidea is a result of imagination. Whatever we use in today"s life is the resultof imagination only. If Edison wouldn’t have imagined electric bulb, then itwould have been all together a different picture. All inventions till date is the resultof some ideas which came as a result of imagination.
It is one ofthe most powerful tools gifted to lớn us.In this book many more topics have been discussed, but I found these topics more important.My Review:
This book doesn"t need my words as its selling is self-explanatory. I always by a self-help khổng lồ learn something out of it, but from this book I literally learned so many things. This book doesn"t only giảm giá khuyến mãi with "WHY", but also explains how great success can be achieved.Many great examples have been given khổng lồ learn và so many eye-opening questions have been asked for your self analysis. Even if you don"t read the whole book, you can just read the questions that you have been asked at the end, from those questions you will get an idea of where you are now and what all things you need lớn work upon khổng lồ achieve riches.What all things I liked in this book ?Honestly speaking, I almost liked everything which has been discussed in this book.
The onlything which bothered me was that while narrating he considered men only. Sometimes he has also considered women, but such instances are very few.
Any Reason toRead

If you haveany definite goal in your mind, then vì chưng read this book.
Any Reasonto Skip it
I don’t haveany reason, even if you don’t like self-help, you will enjoy reading it & you never knowthis might be a life changing step.