Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Parfum


Tom Ford launched his luxury br& in 2006 after working for prestigious brands like Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent. Black Orchid* is one of the first fragrances he launched.

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The quality fragrance received attention for its bold accords and the fact that it’s a unisex perfume. Let’s take a closer look at this classic fragrance in our Tom Ford Blachồng Orchid Reviews.

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Already from the metallic gold carton, you can tell you’re in for the sexy decadence that Tom Ford is famous for.

Who Makes It?

Blaông chồng Orchid has been a staple of the Tom Ford collection since 2006. Tom Ford entered the world of fashion and luxury in the 90s with a job at Perry Ellis. He worked for Gucci for a few years & turned a struggling brvà inkhổng lồ a successful company.

After working for classic brands like Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford launched his own brvà. Tom Ford Blaông xã Orchid* for women is part of a collection that includes products like Rose Prichồng, a famous rose perfume, or quality fragrances for men like Ombre Leather.

Tom Ford’s fragrances for men are easy to recognize thanks lớn their subtle notes that blend spice, leather, or jasmine flower.

The bottle is blachồng opaque glass with verticle ridges & gold a gold plaque embossed with the name “Tom Ford Blachồng Orchid.”

Scent Notes

Tom Ford Blaông chồng Orchid* perfumes are unisex fragrances. You’ll find a mix of accords traditionally associated with women’s scents & some elements that usually characterize men’s fragrances.

Patchouli và vanilla are two of the dominant notes of this fragrance. Patchouli is a warm & spicy note, và vanilla brings balance và sweetness to this element.

Patchouli oil is a comtháng ingredient in fragrances because it blends wood, sweet, and spice notes. It has a protệp tin that is similar to incense, a comtháng note in bold fragrances.

The fragrance gets its name from its exotic flowery notes. You’ll recognize scents like French jasmine, truffle, blaông xã currant, citrus, và ylang-ylang. It’s an exotic blend that evokes sensuality và the Orient.

Blachồng Orchid* also has some darker accords, including sandalwood, chocolate, & amber.


Overall, it’s a quality profile* that blends masculine elements lượt thích sandalwood, patchouli, chocolate, or amber with some feminine notes like flowers & citrus. The mix of spice, sweetness, wood, và flowery notes results in a chất lượng fragrance.

The cap is ridged và ends in a rounded dome — it also feels lighter than I expected. The sprayer is moderate which is good, it’s an intense scent và you’ll only want 1-2 sprays.

Who Would Like It?

Tom Ford Blachồng Orchid women is a great option if you’re looking for something that breaks the traditional codes of feminine fragrances.

It’s a rich và sensual perfume* that creates an interesting effect by blending sweet and spicy notes. It’s ideal if you want a bold fragrance that expresses your individuality.

Where Should You Wear It?

Blaông chồng Orchid by Tom Ford is a versatile fragrance*. The exotic flowery notes & light citrus scent make it suitable for summer, but the dominant spice and vanilla notes make this fragrance perfect for the colder months. However, we think this fragrance is too bold for spring due lớn its exotic profile.

The top notes emphasize the citrus và flowery scents. The middle và base notes have sầu a warm và spicy protệp tin with bold wood tones và the mix of patchouli and vanilla that becomes more noticeable.

We recommover applying this perfume later in the day for something you would wear in the evening. The initial lighter notes are fresh and suitable for the afternoon, but it’s best to lớn leave sầu the bolder middle và base notes for evening wear.

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It’s definitely the right fragrance for a special occasion with its warm, spicy, và exotic profile. The subtle blover of the different accords can be very interesting if you like perfuming your hair, but we don’t recommkết thúc layering this fragrance with others because of its rich protệp tin.

The bottle and carton complement each other, reversing the blaông xã and gold color pattern but keeping the embossed ridges on both.

Packaging và Presentation

We like the simple design of the fragrance bottle. It’s both classy and timeless.

The packaging for Tom Ford Black Orchid* is a rectangular box* with gold ridges running the length of the box. You’ll find the brand and fragrance printed in a blaông xã square. It’s simple, modern, and sexy — typical Tom Ford.

The perfume bottle is black with gold accents, but you can find a gold variant. The shape is interesting because it blends sharper angles for the base of the bottle with a rounded kiến thiết at the top. This shape evokes the unisex nature of the fragrance.

The bottle stands out thanks to lớn the ridges on its surface. These ridges create an interesting texture that invites you khổng lồ touch the bottle.

A close-up of the texture that gives the bottle a chất lượng tactile feel.

Personal Impressions

Tom Ford Blachồng Orchid* is a sensual & luxury fragrance. It’s modern because of its unisex protệp tin, but the different notes are classic scents you’ll find in a wide range of perfumes, ensuring the fragrance will never go out of style.

We like the unique mix of the different notes. There are some unique feminine notes* with the exotic flowers or citrus & some masculine elements lượt thích amber or incense. Few fragrances juxtapose these different elements.

The combination of spice và sweet is perfect if you want a scent that stands out or want to make a statement for a special occasion. However, the bold protệp tin isn’t suitable for everyday wear.

In 2014, Tom Ford released a new take on this scent with the Velvet Orchid fragrance. Velvet Orchid is a good alternative to consider if you want a more traditional feminine scent that feels floral, sweet, và powdery. Velvet Orchid has some hints of amber, vanilla, và warm spice that are reminiscent of Blaông chồng Orchid, but it omits the bold patchouli note.



Blaông xã Orchid* is a long-lasting perfume with a wide aura. It’s not something you should wear at the office or around people who are sensitive to perfumes.

The top notes are noticeable shortly after application và will fade after a few hours. These notes are light và fresh, with accords like truffle, blaông xã currant, citrus, and ylang-ylang.

As these notes fade, you’ll notice the middle notes of the fragrance. The exotic flower notes và spicy protệp tin will take over.

The middle notes will gradually blkết thúc with the base notes. This process will reveal new accords with chocolate, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, incense, and patchouli.