Laneige two tone tint lip bar reviews 2021


We couldn’t help ourselves but to lớn swoon over these makeup products that amazing Korean dramas feature over and over again. This time, we are going khổng lồ talk about one of the most hyped Korean product for the past few years! In fact, it seems like every K-beauty bạn has this one in their vanity pouch.

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Ever since the whole Korean beauty trend has emerged, everyone (including myself) has been continuously obsessing over the signature Korean makeup look – the gradient lips. While everyone in the makeup world flaunts their solid nude mattes ala Kylie Jenner, we, K-beauty fans, follow the footsteps of Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye và Lee Sung Kyung’s subtle gradient lips. In this reviews, we are going khổng lồ discuss if the Two Tone Lip Bars from Laneige are really worth the hype.

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review

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The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bars are encased in this chic Trắng packaging that features a slide-down lever on the side khổng lồ push the lipstiông chồng out. The lipstiông xã itself is quite sllặng, which is great because it does not take so much space in your makeup pouch.

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Packaging

The lip bars feature two shades of colors that perfectly complement each other for a vivid ombre/gradient finish. There are a total of ten shades for the Two Tone Lip Bar series but what I have sầu in hand right here are just six shades. I have picked two bestselling shades from the first collection & all four new shades from the lachạy thử Spring collection.


Swatches from Laneige’s website

And here’s the actual swatches of the shades I got right here with me:

Actual Swatches

These swatches took me two full swipes for me to lớn achieve such pigmentation shown on the pholớn. I can say that a single swipe is enough on the lips for they are pretty vivid. In addition, the colours blover beautifully with one another which make a gorgeous ombre finish! The rectangular shape of the lipstiông chồng makes it quite easy khổng lồ apply on the lips since it is sllặng enough to lớn cover the lips with its two shades.


No. 5 Daring Darling

No. 5 – Daring Darling

This stunning shade is from the first Two Tone Lip Bar series that were released baông xã in năm ngoái. I believe sầu that this colour is such a fashion statement! The colours in it are red orange và hot pink.

No. 9 Dolly Grape

No. 9 – Dolly Grape

This one is another favourite for me (used this quite a lot as you can see from the shape of the tip!). Although the colours may look quite svào on the lipstichồng bar, the colours are actually very subtle when applied on the lips. It features a deep plum colour and a fuchsia pink shade.

No. 11 Juicy Pop

No. 11 – Juicy Pop

This colour is what Song Hye Kyo wore in the popular Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”. It is a combination of a sheer yellow shade & a peachy orange colour. When applied on the lips, the peachy orange colour fades out khổng lồ a soft coral pink shade due khổng lồ the yellow lip bar. It’s quite a dainty lipstichồng for everyday wear.

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No. 12 Maxi Red

No. 12 – Maxi Red

If Juicy Pop is Song Hye Kyo’s top piông chồng, Maxi Red is what Lee Sung Kyung fancies. This lip bar features a coral peach shade và a true red colour that will definitely complete any evening date makeup look! The blend of colours look sophisticated & romantic which makes it a great shade for evening events.

No. 13 Orange Blurring

No. 13 – Orange Blurring

It features a solid shade of tangerine & a trắng bar that goes off clear on the lips. If you are a fan of orange tints, this one would work great on you.

No. 14 Dear Pink

No. 14 – Dear Pink

This is actually one of my favourite colours among mỏi the bunch I have here! It features a soft pink và a burgundy pink shade that go well together khổng lồ deliver a sweet, lovely look. This shade is a must-have if you’re inkhổng lồ pink lip colours.

Texture và Finish

The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bars have sầu a semi-matte finish. They are quite pigmented but they vì chưng not leave the lips dry & chapped. Even if you have chapped lips, this two tone lip bar can still show up really well as it features a hydrating formula. Despite the deep moisture it gives, it does not leave a sticky feeling và does not fade away dramatically.

Longevity & Transfer Test

One of the most common misconceptions about moisturising lipsticks is that they don’t really last long. As for these lip bars, they are not fully matte as they feature a hydrating formula that allows the lipstiông chồng lớn glide seamlessly without leaving the lips dry. I conducted a transfer demo by pressing these heavy swatches on a piece of clean tissue paper.

Transfer Test

And…here’s the result:

Transfer Test Results

So yes, they vị transfer và it’s because of the moisture these lip bars contain. Despite that, the transfer is very minimal. Whenever I drink or eat, I can see some lipstichồng transfers happening but it does not dramatically affect the colour on my lips. These two tone lip bars leave sầu a tint on the lips; which is why I must say that they are quite long-lasting.

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Final Verdict

Have sầu you tried these Laneige Two Tone Lip Bars? I believe sầu it’s a really cool thành phầm khổng lồ have sầu if you are a bạn of innovative sầu lip products. Although the look it gives can be achieved using two different lipsticks that you already have sầu, it’s still something worth-trying. If you’re not up to the hassle of actually taking two lipsticks with you and you want gradient lips in an instant, this is something you should definitely buy.

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