The Venture Electronics Monk Plus is a very popular Chinse-made bang-for-buông chồng dynamic driver earbud with an excellent sound performance. It retails for around $10.

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Disclaimer: The Venture Electronics Monk Plus sent lớn us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion in this Đánh Giá. We thank Venture Electronicsfor this opportunity.

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Our Verdict

Oh the daftness of it all, spending $5 on an earbud và raving about how great it sounds eh? The VE Monk Plus makes a monkey out of this audiophile business when prices are getting higher và sale memes are getting more và more ridiculous.

It is not the ultimate or the best ever but it is the best for five sầu bucks and probably one of the best for under $50. Earbuds are not fashionable khổng lồ most yet over 300 pages on the big forums would suggest they are still alive sầu & kicking as a serious option.

I am fascinated by the fact people get so worked up over the fact it’s just $5, it really does prove sầu audiophiles can và vị get excited when things go bargain basement. One in the eye for those who say audio lovers only get wet on something over a grand?

Should you buy it? Yup. Should you choose between it & say the EM3 from FiiO? Nope. I say buy them both and I said that before on the EM3 đánh giá. $15 on a pair of complimentary sounding earbuds is a pretty good deal.

If you hate earbuds physically then they won’t change your mind. You can’t change the fact they are awkward in terms of fit, comfort, và that open sound. But if you think they suông xã in terms of audio chất lượng then think again. Not every bud out there is a throwaway accessory with your phone or DAPhường & the VV Monk Plus is an excellent example of just such a case.

Technical Specifications

Style:In-EarLine, open earbudCable Length:1.2m, 3.5milimet straight line jackResistance:64ΩSensitivity:122±3dBResponse Range:20-20000HzPlug: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) gold-plated straight jackCable: 4 ft (1.2 m), TPE outer coat, 128 x 0.06 4n OFC copperWeight: Approximately 0.5 oz (15g)