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Is VSDC Video Editor Worth it?

The quichồng answer to lớn this question is that VSDC is definitely worth it. Even the không tính tiền version comes with tons of useful effects and amazing editing options which will allow you to lớn create beautiful and quality videos.

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Beginners and experienced users on a budget will find tons of value from the software.

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It’s a great alternative sầu for apps lượt thích Adobe Premiere Pro that are the industry standard for professional-màn chơi đoạn Clip production. But, unlượt thích those video editors, VSDC does not require significant investment.

You can start with the free option và upgrade when you need lớn unloông chồng more features. The premium version of the đoạn phim editor is only $19.99 per year, so it can pay for itself và prove the ROI which makes it worth the cost.

In short, VSDC is aao ước the best miễn phí video clip editors available right now. It fits the bill for the majority of users who want to edit YouTube videos, GoPro videos, family movies, và much more.

Who is the VSDC Video Editor Good For?


The VSDC video clip editor supports all Clip & audio formats & codecs.

It also allows for capturing đoạn Clip & desktop screens, recording voice commentaries, & comes with a huge selection of đoạn phim effects, such as background remover, picture-in-picture, split-screen, color correction, and much more.

This makes it perfect for various types of creators, including:

YouTube BloggersVideo GamersProduct Demo VideosVideo AdsFreelancersSmall Business OwnersAction Camera Enthusiasts

As you can see, VSDC is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for a wide range of users. There is a miễn phí version, which comes with an impressive sầu array of features, và you can nâng cấp to the premium version khổng lồ unlochồng advanced features.

VSDC Pro users can vày the following:

Work with the audio wavesize feature và use a sound graph to lớn edit audio files more precisely.Sync đoạn Clip effects to lớn the music’s beat and connect đoạn Clip effect parameters lớn the volume and frequency of sound.Use video clip masking and apply an inverted mask, clipping mask, create censorship, & much more.Record real-time voiceovers & add voice commentaries during the playbaông xã.Stabilize shaky footage & fix jittering đoạn Clip footage recorded on the go with no special equipment.

VSDC Video Editor Pros và Cons

There is no denying that VSDC is a great platform. But, like any other software, it still has its downsides.

Before you make a decision whether or not this video clip editor is a great fit for you, you must first understvà the pros và cons of the software.


Easy khổng lồ Use: The đoạn phim editing program is designed lớn make it easy for people with no previous knowledge to lớn edit & create superb Clip content.Useful Features in Free Version: The free version comes with a lot of useful features & no watermarks or trial period, making it ideal for creators on a budget.Powerful Capabilities: The editing tool has advanced features, such as 360 VR, chroma key, 4K, PiP., và color wheel, aý muốn many others.Text Animation & Motion Tracking: VSDC has a wide range of impressive editing capabilities, including motion tracking và text animations.Constant Updates: The video clip editing program receives several updates each year và there’s a supportive development team on the platsize.


Windows Only: The software only works on Windows &, as of writing this article, there are no plans for Linux or Mac.Nonstandard Layout: The platsize has a layout và workflow that tkết thúc lớn impede ease-of-use for new users.Confusing Submenus: Although the tiện ích has a ton of impressive features, many of the functions are hidden in submenus.

VSDC Video Editor Functionality

The không tính tiền version of VSDC software boasts a wide range of tools to lớn enhance both đoạn phim & audio.

These include the đoạn Clip editor, built-in screen recorder, slideshow creator, webcam Clip recorder, voiceover tool, and YouTube downloader.

The premium version includes hardware acceleration for faster processing. You also get motion tracking, video masking, advanced voiceover tools, đoạn phim stabilization, HSL chroma key, and various other features.

Below, we take a closer look at some of the main features of this đoạn Clip editing software.

1. User Interface

VSDC has a dark, appealing interface. However, for beginners, it may get some getting used to because there are hundreds of tiny buttons for editing videos.


Furthermore, many of the features are hidden behind the “Properties” panel, which makes the interface hard to lớn navigate for new users.

Sometimes, it may not be clear where lớn find the right tools you need. But, you can tìm kiếm for the features easily or get started with the Clip tutorials on the VSDC YouTube channel.

When the program starts up, you have sầu the options to either:

Start Project Now; andGet to lớn Know Top Features.

Beneath these two tabs you’ll find a variety of buttons that include:

Motion Tracking360º/3 chiều EditorAI Art GeneratorEdit the Beat

…and a dozen others.

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On the top menu, you’ll find different options for the following modes: Projects, Scenes, Edit, Editor, View, Export Project, Tools, và Activation on the toolbar ribbon which can be minimized to show just a few editing tools.


You can customize the Quiông chồng Access Toolbar located at the top of the page using the New, Open, Save, and Previews button options.

All in all, the interface takes some getting used to lớn, but once you do, you’ll be able to lớn easily find và use all the tools you need to lớn complete your projects.

2. Editing Capabilities

VSDC isn’t bad for basic edits. The không tính phí option boasts some very interesting features, và you also get advanced editing features that are igiảm giá for professionals, such as color correction, basic animation, and Chroma Key.


One of the absolute best things about VSDC Clip editor is that it is non-linear software.

The tool lets you place objects anywhere you want on the timeline. You can also alter the position và shape of objects easily, giving you even more power to exercise your creativity.

But, while the non-linear functionality gives you more flexibility in your editing, it also means the program has a much bigger learning curve sầu if you’re used to lớn the most basic tools lượt thích Movie Maker.

VSDC video editor is compatible with VR and panoramic footage. It’s Premium version has motion tracking & allows you khổng lồ edit nội dung khổng lồ the beat of a song.

The software is compatible with 2K and 4K videos. In addition to editing videos, you can also create slideshows và record your PC screen – all of which is quite exciting, especially for không tính phí software.

3. Video Effects

VSDC lets you transkhung your Clip footage using artwork types of effects.


You can add various audio and visual effects for exceptional results. To make navigation easier, the program’s effects are divided into the following categories:

Object filtersTransition effectsmàu sắc correctionSpectral FXObject transformation

To create eye-catching effects for your videos, you can go to lớn the “Video Effects” bar, choose the effects you want, và easily apply them with a single cliông chồng.

You also get Instagram-style filters, color adjustments, basic transitions, & transparency effects.

Since this is a non-linear đoạn Clip editor, you’ll be able to use any of the modern đoạn Clip effects and filters by simply dragging & resizing specific objects in the scene. For instance, you can create a video-in-đoạn Clip or picture-in-picture effect which is essential for gaming và unboxing videos.

Other effects include:

PerspectiveZoomGlitchTransparency, etc.

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With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to lớn use the tools in your arsenal to lớn create stunning, eye-catching videos, including promo videos, YouTube channel intros, và much more.

4. Project Workflow

VSDC has a project workflow that’s very different from most other professional-grade editing tools.


For the most part, video clip editing software mimics a filmmakers workflow, which goes something like this:

Import > Edit > Effects > Compositing > Color > Audio

However, VSDC has an object-oriented programming suite khổng lồ take care of all the same tasks. It takes a while lớn grasp the workflow, but once you’re familiar with its hierarchy, everything becomes a lot easier.

This is how it goes:

Project: This is a single đoạn Clip, whether it’s a full-length feature film or a 3-minute ad. Every project is an individual tệp tin in VSDC.Scene: Each project is made up of one or more scenes. Every scene is a video, audio, or image clip that you want to lớn edit in the timeline.Object: This refers to lớn the truyền thông media that you are manipulating, whether it’s an image, audio, text, or Clip file. You can select objects và arrange them on the timeline any way you lượt thích.Effect: You can easily add effects like color grading and transitions to lớn an object. VSDC has useful prephối color filters which is great for novices.Mask: This feature lets you apply effects to lớn specific areas on the screen, such as pixelating a child’s face or car license plate.

5. Ease of Use

VSDC is extremely easy to use for anyone who already has minimal experience with video editors.

However, for total beginners with no experience, it can take a while lớn get a handle on where all the features are located on the interface.

Want to try VSDC Pro today? Cliông chồng Here khổng lồ Get Access

But, once you bởi vì, editing videos will be a breeze. And the best part about this software is that it works easily with all types of computers, even low-kết thúc ones. It’s powerful enough lớn edit HD videos even on dated computers with 4 GB of RAM.

6. Video Output

This software has a massive sầu selection of output tệp tin options for online uses and popular devices. When it comes lớn sharing and output, its features are powerful enough to rival the best video clip editors out there.

A drop-down menu on the platkhung lets you choose what khổng lồ target with your output from among the most popular devices, including iPhone, website, & Xbox, among others.

Other options include Motion JPEG & animated GIFs. The software makes it possible for you to work with various formats flawlessly and even comes with a DVD burning tool.


If you are not sure about the formats, you can tailor the output so it works well on any particular device for playback.

These are just a few of the many (many) features offered by VSDC. It’s beyond the scope of this article to outline them all, but suffice it lớn say that this is an impressive video clip editing tool with a lot to lớn offer for both novices & experienced users alượt thích.

VSDC Video Editor vs Competitors

VSDC vs Lightworks

Lightworks is a không tính tiền video clip editing tool designed for PCs, Mac, & Linux systems. It has a wide range of features, such as multitraông xã editing, background import, rendering, & more.

It also has a broad range of import formats, although export file resolution is limited khổng lồ 7trăng tròn MP4 files in the free version.

You need to get a subscription which costs $24.99/month or $473.99 (one-time fee) to lớn remove this restriction và access a host of other additional functions, such as 3D và exporting files in multiple formats.

VSDC vs Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program with best-in-class features which makes it the preferred choice of many professionals.

It’s also igiảm giá khuyến mãi for beginners as well thanks to its user-friendly thiết đặt. But unlike VSDC, Adobe Premiere Pro doesn’t offer a free version. It’s also priced higher.

You can sign up for a miễn phí 7-day trial khổng lồ thử nghiệm out the software before committing to the paid plan which costs $20.99/month.

VSDC vs Hitfilm

Hitfilm Express is one of the best miễn phí video clip editing tools currently available. It has a customizable interface & drag-and-drop special effects that are extremely easy khổng lồ apply.

Unlượt thích VSDC, the software is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The cross-platkhung software has a library of useful & free instructional videos. However, users must pay if they want khổng lồ switch to the dark interface.


VSDC đoạn Clip editing software is available for không lấy phí. You can tải về & use the software without ever having lớn worry about trial periods or subscriptions.

However, the platform does encourage free users to make small donations lớn help support the software.


You can upgrade khổng lồ the Pro edition for $19.99.

The premium version can be used in two devices for one year.

When you upgrade, you unlochồng the following features:

Premium supportNon-linear parameter editingPro-màn chơi transition effectsHardware accelerationAudio wavekhung editingVideo maskingMotion trackingStabilizationAdvanced chroma key tool… and much more.

As you can see, the software has a ton of features to rival some of the most popular đoạn phim editing tools currently available on the market.

It’s certainly worth the $trăng tròn price point for advanced users who need the additional features but don’t want to have to lớn pay hundreds of dollars to lớn access them.

Product Support

VSDC offers support in a variety of ways:

Liên hệ Page: If you are a free user of the VSDC video editing software, you can get support by contacting the tư vấn team directly on the trang web.

Want to try VSDC Pro today? Clichồng Here to lớn Get Access

Premium Support: Once you nâng cấp lớn the Pro version of the software, you get premium technical support anytime you need help.


Is VSDC không tính tiền video clip editor safe?

VSDC không lấy phí đoạn Clip editor is totally safe lớn tải về & use. The software is regularly updated and the team focuses on taking all the necessary security & prevention measures.

When releasing new versions of the sản phẩm, the developers scan them with all the major antivirut tools to ensure that the distributive sầu files are clean & safe for users to lớn download.

What is the VSDC không tính tiền video clip editor?

VSDC Clip editor is a non-linear editing program developed by Multlab LLC. It’s a không tính phí and open-source software (FOSS) that is capable of processing 4K UHT, VR 360-degree, 3 chiều videos, and other high-resolution footage.

The tool also lets you apply post-production effects, motion tracking, and color correction, amuốn many other things.

Is the VSDC Video Editor Legit?

VSDC launched over 10 years ago and in that time, it’s good lớn see that there have sầu been consistent improvements khổng lồ the video editing software.

Each time I explore it, there’s something new that’s worth noting. This is an impressive feat on the part of the developers, considering that the application is không tính phí.

The không tính tiền version is perfect for both beginners and experts alượt thích and doesn’t hinder the creative process in any way. There are no watermarks added khổng lồ the videos, no limitations are imposed on the length of your projects, và you can use the không lấy phí software for as long as you want.

But, the majority of creators will still find plenty of reasons lớn choose VSDC Pro.


Here’s a quick summary of why you might consider it, as well:

It supports all the popular video clip và audio formats and codecsThe platkhung has a huge mix of trendy effects, filters, và transitionsYou get a powerful chroma key tool for removing green backgroundThere are advanced tools lượt thích 360 đoạn phim editing, zoom, charts, và color correctionThe đoạn phim editor has the lowest system requirements possibleSaving videos for different devices is a breeze thanks to convenient export profiles

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to lớn choose VSDC. You can start with the không tính tiền program or sign up for the Pro version.