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Francis Hung (Vuong Huu Hung) is an Alien of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A) endorsed by the US Government. He is the first giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnese speaker & cooperate trainer endorsed as an “Extraordinary Ability” person in the field of training và the business consultancy industry.

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Francis Hung told us his story of success. In 1999, after getting a BA degree, Hung applied for the post of receptionist at Renaissance Riverside Saigon Hotel, shocking his family và friends. His girlfriend left hyên because her parents would not accept a receptionist as their future son-in-law.“I chose this job because it taught me khổng lồ be patient & careful as well as khổng lồ control my emotions,” Hung explained.The last words Hung said to his girlfrikết thúc were “Today I am a receptionist, but tomorrow I’ll be a hotel director.”Hung worked very hard và showed a lot of responsibility in everything he did. After a shift, a receptionist usually will leave sầu undone work for the person in charge of the next shift. Hung was different. He took notes on all the happenings during his shift that might become problems in the next shift and discussed them with the person taking over. In many cases, he stayed khổng lồ help the staff of the next shift until the problem was solved. “Apart from trying my best lớn ensure that everything was in place, I always looked for the smallest occurrences that might cause incidents in khách sạn services,” Hung said.Hung’s diligence caught the eyes of the hotel manager. After 14 months, he got a promotion to work in the room reservation section. Ten months later, he was transferred to the business section. For a receptionist, that promotion was very fast. But for Hung, the biggest success he had at that time was overcoming the inferior complex of a person with a BA working only as a receptionist.
Francis Hung is the first giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnese speaker and cooperate trainer endorsed as an “Extraordinary Ability” personby the US Government. Photo: Thong Hai / VNPFrancis Hung is a human resources trainer and consultant for leading businesses & groups. Photo: FilesHung shares his own start-up story with young people in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Thong Hai / VNPFrancis Hung in a consultancy session with the managerial staff of the Alliance Group based in the US.Photo: Thong Hai / VNPAt a training meeting for leaders of Mercedes Benz Vietphái nam. Photo: FilesWith sales staff of auto manufacturer Lexus at a training.

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Francis Hung is a Mã Sản Phẩm of success for start-ups in Ho Chi Minh City . Photo: Thong Hai / VNPWith billionaire Patriông xã Hogan. Photo: FilesHung acts as a bridge between managers và employees at enterprises. Photo: Thong Hai
After five sầu years, Hung became the giới sales manager of Marriott International, a group with 2,300 hotels in 80 countries. During in the first year of holding this post, Hung was recognized as the sales manager of the year as his hotel’s revenues were một nửa higher than expected.Since then, Hung was promoted nine times in three world leading groups. He was the sales director of Marriot (US) và Princess D’anphái mạnh Resort & Spage authority (France), & sales và kinh doanh director of Ascott International. Hung is now the founder và general director of Fresh View Training & Consulting.While working for Ascott International, Hung got an unprecedented salary hike which is still told now in the group.At that time, Ascott International’s northern regional director quit his job. Hung, as the southern regional director, told Indochimãng cầu director Henry Lyên ổn that he could concurrently hold that post, provided that he got an 85% salary hike and a two-month vacation with his family in the US.Henry Llặng accepted Hung’s demand even though he knew that he would face tough pressure from other managerial staff. It was true. When the news about Hung’s unusual salary increase spread, other directors demanded the same thing or they would quit their posts.But Lyên had a strong basis for his decision, which was Hung’s outstanding performance. Lim said he only chose the best person to reward and anyone who liked to lớn quit could submit their application with immediate approval.This story proved that one can get a deserved reward only when they are devoted wholeheartedly khổng lồ their job./.
An Alien of Extraordinary Ability, or EB-1A, is an alien who has distinguished himself or herself professionally in their field of work or study. A person who receives a major, internationally recognized award lượt thích an Olympic Medal, Nobel Prize, or Oscar is qualified for this endorsement.

By Thong Hai

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